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Bernadette Peters and I            chart bernadette peters

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I noticed that Bernadette Peters and I were born on the same day in the same year. We are both in our extremely late 30’s. I was an am birth and she a pm. And our charts are a mirror image of each other. A comparison is interesting.

She has Scorpio rising, which is ruled by active Mars and Pluto. I have Taurus rising, ruled by Venus. Venus is fond of pleasure not work. Yes, I have forbears from the Pompeii area. Also my Venus is in the secluded and metaphysical 12th house. It’s a Harry Potter kind of thing. I’m in a masonic, occult organization called the Church of Light.
Her rulers are very visible and public in the 10th house

Her Scorpio Moon is very close to the Ascendant. This is very important. It makes the strong statement that people, even the “masses”, are coming to her. My Scorpio Moon is 9 degrees below the Descendant. A whole sign chart says that people are still there but they are a bit hidden. Her Moon also shows her active association with music.
Her Moon is trine her Sun within 11minutes. This shows huge luck and success. My Moon is moving toward a trine with the Sun, and separated by 7.5 degrees. This shows luck and success at a later point.
Her “rulers” Mars and Pluto plus Saturn are with the Midheaven; they are elevated. She is elevated in society. My Mars and Pluto plus Saturn are low in the chart in the private, domestic sector. I dust too much.
These planets are in the entertainment sign, Leo and in her public life house, the 10th; she is known for entertainment. My Mercury in Aquarius is in the 10th house. I am an astrologer and deal with Aquarian ideas. It is my job to promote Astrology. And I did graduate from Rollins College of Winter Park Fl. with honors. Honors are a 10th house thing and Mercury is intellectual work. Her Mercury is in the 4th house, the private domestic part of the chart.
Her father drove a bread truck. This is Mercury, ruler of the grain sign, Virgo in the 4th house of father. I have Pluto, Saturn and Mars in the 4th. My dad was a Capricorn Sun, with Aquarius rising. He was a decorated career Marine who was a machine gunner on Bloody Ridge at Guadalcanal. Chesty Puller pinned a Silver Star on him in Korea. Puller said that the Marine Corps needs only sergeants.
We both have a grand trine consisting of Venus in Aries, Saturn and Mars in Leo, and Jupiter in Sagittarius. Hers is in wealth houses, the 2nd, 6th, and 10th. Mine is in psychological houses, the 12th, 4th, and 8th. I have the equivalent of a Psychology degree; she’s got the money. She earned it!
Her mother wanted to be an actress. Mine wanted to be a singer. This shows her mother striving. The 10th is the mother. My Leo planets are low but my 10th is ruled by one of them, Saturn. My mother was striving too. And she raised my brother and I on classical music.
This is presented as a great opportunity to compare and contrast.

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