Nov. ’17 STAR Guild Rreport

S.T.A.R. Guild Nov. ’17 Meeting Report

The Guild met and looked at 2 months worth of charts of events and people in the news. Our lap top connected to a projector can display anything in the laptop and makes for great presentations.

The chart of the Vegas shooting has the Gemini Ascendant in a very close opposition with Saturn in shooting sign, Sagittarius. As the fastest moving part of the chart, the Ascendant oppose Saturn feature accurately describes the moment. Venus and Mars in Virgo form a t square with this and show the presence of men and women involved in the event. The Moon is in Aquarius as it is in Paddock’s chart. Mercury in Paddock’s chart forms a grand cross with the mutable bodies mentioned above. His motive may not be known yet but his chart shows 7 planets or points in cardinal signs. He had been under heavy influence form transiting Pluto and Uranus for quite a while.
In the Southerland Tx. church shooting, cardinal signs are in angular houses. The Ascendant is approaching Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus is in the 4th, Mars is in the MC sign, Libra. The Moon in Gemini is in opposition by sign with Saturn in shooting sign, Sagittarius. Jupiter is in Scorpio linking religion and death.

In the Egyptian mosque bombing, cardinal signs are in angular houses. The Aries Ascendant is moving to Uranus. Uranus in the 1st is oppose Mars in the 7th. The MC is nearing Pluto. The Sun, Mercury, and Saturn are in shooting sign, Sagittarius in the religious 9th house. Jupiter is in Scorpio along with Venus in the 8th, death of innocents.

In the Mexico quake, the Sagittarius Ascendant is 4 degrees from Saturn. Venus is at the degree of the Aug. 25th solar eclipse. Mars, Mercury, the Moon, the MC, and the Sun are all in Virgo. The Sun and Moon square Saturn. And Mars, Mercury, and the Moon oppose Neptune, who is called “shaker of earth” by Homer.
In the Halabja, Iraq quake cardinal signs are in angular houses with Mars in Libra in the 4th, Pluto in the 7th, and Uranus at the top. Neptune, the shaker of earth is oppose the Moon.
Spacex made three tries to launch a rocket and postponed to check a nosecone problem. Mars was in a close square with Pluto on these attempts.
The Harvey Weinstein story broke days before Jupiter went into Scorpio. Jupiter is rules, law, and judgment. Scorpio is sex. So while the world is amazed at the procession of guilty looking harassing men, we in astrology see this as a natural and possibly beneficial event due to Jupiter’s placement. Harvey is a very late Pisces. He has Mars in Scorpio in a close square with Pluto in Leo. This is how we say power and sex. He has Venus trine Uranus.

Roy Moore has Saturn & Pluto in Leo, the Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio, and Mars and the Sun in Aquarius. The Sun and Jupiter square ( he’s a judge) and the rest are in a t square. And note Mars opposing Pluto. His Venus is square Neptune.
Kevin Spacey has Pluto, Mars, and Venus in Virgo; Mars and Pluto are within a degree. This celebrated actor has the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus in Leo. And he has Neptune and Jupiter in Scorpio.
Al Franken is Scorpio rising. His Venus is with Uranus, his Sun is very close to Mars and Mercury is near the Descendant. He sounds a bit lighter than the others.
Matt Lauer has an Aries Moon like Kevin Spacey. His Venus opposes Uranus. His Pluto is square Mars and he has Neptune in Scorpio. Transiting Saturn is very close to his Mercury. That’s bad news.
All of these but Franken, have a body early in Capricorn, so, I expect that Saturn there soon will not add to their happiness. All but Franken have a hard aspect between Mars and Pluto. All but Spacey have a major aspect between Venus and Neptune or Venus and Uranus. And all have a planet in Scorpio tying them to the ongoing Jupiter in Scorpio event.
Things were getting too strange, so we took a look at Carlos Castaneda. He has the Ascendant and Venus oppose Neptune, mind altering experiences. Saturn and Mars are at the top of the chart in Scorpio, other world dangers. In an event chart for a group peyote taking event the Sun is between Pluto and Uranus. And the Moon is on the Cancer Ascendant. Neptune in Scorpio is squaring his natal Neptune.

In Dec. we are having a Christmas party here at my place; bring your mate and a dish. It is Saturday, Dec. 16th at 6:30. Email or call for location details.

As we look ahead, we are noting the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter from later Dec. through mid Jan. We are noting Saturn moving into Capricorn where it joins Pluto. And we are noting Mars for many weeks in ’18 being in Capricorn with these two. I’ll be noting this and other things on Saturday, Jan 27th at Aquarian Dreams from 11 to 1:30.

Finally, the 3rd week in Dec. is interesting. The New Moon in Sagittarius is on the 18th. Saturn goes into Capricorn on the 19th. And Mercury goes direct on the 22nd. This is new starts, shifts, and turnings.

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