March ’20 Newsletter

From the Desk of Leslie Marlar, March ’20

For those of you who are local, S.T.A.R. Guild will meet on March 24th under a New Moon in Aries. We will be looking at the concept of spirituality as shown in our charts. We’ll be trying to note which symbols in our charts show our spirituality and which symbols might help us to increase it.

Last month we looked at the transits of the 1st house rulers in our charts and what they promise for the year.

We had some important events this past month. Coronavirus continues as does the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. Jupiter in Capricorn is all the medical help directed to the situation. Mars there is increase of the disease. And, the market sell off is a result of this. The day the Moon was there we had the combative Democrat debate.

We found out that Rush Limbaugh has lung cancer and the Moon was in lung sign, Gemini that day.

The Iowa caucus had indeterminate results and it happened under a tabulating Moon in Gemini square confused Neptune. The State of the Union also happened under a Gemini Moon. We put speeches and paper under Gemini and you know what happened to the speech.

Trump was acquitted under a Cancer Moon. The sign Cancer holds Venus, Jupiter, the Sun, and Mercury in the U.S. Chart.

Sanders won in New Hampshire with the Moon in his Sun sign, Virgo.

With the Moon in social sign Libra, it was reported that we are receiving repeating signals from deep space. “The truth is out there.”

Saturn produces whatever we don’t want in weather and conditions. So on 2/17th we heard that weeks of rain were causing flooding in Mississippi and Tennessee. At the same time we heard of drought causing hunger in Lesotho. And the worst locust outbreak in 70 years has moved from Kenya, Somalia, and Uganda into the Congo. This is Saturn with Pluto. Also, the dynamic older people that we see in politics: Trump, Warren, Sanders, are Saturn and Pluto. That is because Saturn is the elderly and Pluto is force. There is a positive and a negative side to our symbols.

Next month Mercury will be retrograde until the 10th, so, being extra focused is necessary. Venus is in Taurus for most of the month. The planet of love and beauty is in the sign that is the heart of spring. This sounds nice.

Mars continues to be with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. This is happening in the business, government, and establishment sign. Expect events. Saturn goes into Aquarius on the 21std and stays there until July. This will give us a hint of the events that will happen when this happens in late Dec. ’20 and lasts for 2 years.

Full Moon in Virgo on the 8th and 9th contrasts vision and mission. And New Moon in lively Aries on the 24th and 25th gives us a new young start.

Fairly good days in March are: 3, 4, 5, 8, 13, 16, 17, 21, 22, 27, and 28.

I’ll be at Book & Bead on Saturday, March 21st doing astrology readings.

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Astrologer Leslie Marlar PAI ’77

Hermetician Church of Light ’93

Honors Graduate, BGS, Rollins ’90