Guild Report Jan ’17 Meeting

S.T.A.R. Guild Jan. ’17 Meeting Report

We met at the library and we were happy to have a guest. We looked at families. I am happy to say that we took our time and only looked at two families. It is nice to study people who we know and for whom we have birth times.

Each member of the first family that we looked at had their first house ruler in Leo. For the mother the ruler was the Sun; for the daughter, Venus; the father’s and son’s ruler was the Moon. They are fortunate and a lot of fun in the pool. The father and children had cardinal planets that were important through number or placement or both.

Our second family consisted of 5 people. The time of the father was unknown. Three of the 5 had a Taurus Moon. All had a planet in Leo, one the Sun and the others heavy planets. All had a personal planet in a cardinal sign. 3 of the 5 had a cardinal Mars. Our member had Mars in Aries in the wholesign 3rd. Her brother had the Sun in Aries and her sister had the Moon there. Therefore, something important in the siblings was nicely shown in her chart. Our member has Venus in Scorpio in the wholesign 10th and her mother has Venus and the Sun in Scorpio.

Next month, on the 28th, we will continue with families. Consider how easy it would be to see the sign placements quickly if we used Aries houses for each family member as part of the analysis.
Also placing the charts in a multiple circle printout would assist analysis.


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