A Parting Gift

A Parting Gift or an Astrological Obituary

by Leslie Marlar

We astrologers are always watching events and also what is taking place in the sky when they happen. The only good thing about an old friend passing is if he does it at the appropriate time.

An elderly good neighbor and friend of 37 years died on Saturday, April 6th ’24 of advanced years.

He was a Capricorn with a Libra Moon, both square Pluto. He was experienced and practical, and polite enough to talk politics without fighting. After many years of bachelorhood, he married a twice married woman with Jupiter in Libra on her Ascendant. (We always thought this was funny as she had the advantage.) She brought beauty and happiness into his life.

He was smart with Mercury in Aquarius.

His Ascendant was in Pisces with Mars and Saturn also in Pisces. It is hard to tell a person that they have a wolf and a bear coming to them. Using Hindu aspect orb generosity, he had the Pisces bodies oppose Neptune and square Jupiter, Venus, and the MC. He was also a pretty good shot. He and his Baptist colleagues taught me how to shoot.

Now about the demise.

He was found after relatives alerted us to his missing 2 night’s calls. Everyone was notified and the police were very kind. There is a hint of emptiness in the neighborhood now.

He always brought my mail if the postman put it in the wrong box and he put away the trash cans after a pick up.

The Moon was in Pisces the day he went as were Mars and Saturn. So his natal Ascendant, Mars, and Saturn were being directly stimulated by Mars, Saturn, and the Moon in the sky. The wolf and the bear came for him. But the Moon was there too, probably his late and loved wife.

Also, the Solar Eclipse at 19 Aries in his 2nd, the gate of death, opposes his 23 Libra Moon in the 8th. Finally Jupiter and Uranus are in his 3rd ,trine his Sun, great for a trip.

So, Friend, thank you for giving an astrologer a reason for sharing you and for the timing details of your demise promoting astrology.