June ’19 S.T.A.R. Guild Report

June 25th ’19 S.T.A.R. Guild Meeting Report

We met and looked at personal and world events relative to the opposition of Mars in Cancer with Saturn and Pluto.
In the world: 52 people were shot in Chicago, CO2 levels were noted as being very high, Mexico responded to tariffs by acting on the border, 88,000 evacuated for floods in China, Ebola moved from the Congo into Uganda, ships were attacked in the Gulf, Hong Kong protests happened, the U.S. drone was shot down, the seal trial was & is in progress, deaths in the D.R. are in the news, and 7 from a retired marine biker club died in a truck accident.

In our Members’ lives: one with the opposition connecting with a T square involving 5 planets in cardinal signs and angular houses quit smoking, had medical appointments delayed, and decided to go for a masters.

Another with the opposition squaring the Sun & Mercury in Libra bought a car. Mercury rules her 3rd.

One with the opposition squaring her Libra Sun oppose her Mars is having incresing troble with a partner.

Member 4 had an intense but short case of the flu when the opposition was strong and past 2 planets in Cancer in her chart.

Finally, I with a Venus in Aries with a friend with the same position, caught a small shark, rode a horse, and planned a wild hog hunt.

We then looked at the process of using the cross diagrams of the modes, cardinal, fixed, and mutable, to show squares easily. We noted our squares and noted that we get good and difficulty from them. I use the conflicting gravitational forces of the first and last quarter moons on the tides as an example of the conflict of squares. And I suggest that we try to honor the urges of both positions of any square.
Next month, on July 23 at 6pm at the Cocoa library, we will look at the charts of the candidates. We will try to be astrologers, not partisans and see what each chart tells us about the person.
I’ll be at Bood & Bead in Merritt Island doing Astrology Readings on July 20th.


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