Launch Failures

ISS or Not

Three launches sent up by three different companies destined to supply the International Space Station have failed recently.

We have times and dates and horoscopes for these launches. No astrologer would have picked these times for an event that they wanted to succeed. Whatever the problem was in the flight, it corresponded to a departure at a negative time. That is, troublesome planets were active at the time of the launch and corresponded to failure even if they did not cause it. Here are the charts. In all let’s look at the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and “ruler” of the Ascendant. Degrees of planets will be rounded up. In Astrology conjunctions, oppositions, and squares are important geometrical relationships between planets. Sun and Moon are referred to as planets for convenience.

On Oct. 28, 2014, a launch from Wallops Island exploded. The Sun was at 5.5 Scorpio. The Moon was at 7 Capricorn. The Ascendant was at 14 Taurus. And Venus, the Ascendant ruler, was at 6 Scorpio. The Sun and Venus are moving toward Saturn but they are not too close. The Ascendant is moving more quickly to an opposition with Saturn. The Moon is “besieged”, past Mars and moving toward extreme Pluto.

chart ex wallops

On April 28th, 2015 a Progress 59 got off the ground in Kazakhstan but later spun out of control and never made it to the station. The Sun was at 8 Taurus. The Moon was a 3 Virgo. The Ascendant was at 15 Leo. The Sun was the ruler of the Ascendant. The Sun and ruler was in the same sign with Mars, the trouble planet. The Ascendant is moving to a square with Mars. And the Moon is in a very strong square with Saturn, the loss planet.

chart progress

On June 28th 2015 a Spacex launch exploded 2 minutes after take off. The Sun was at 6.5 Cancer. The Moon is at 23 Scorpio, The Ascendant is at 26 Leo. The Sun is the Ascendant ruler. The Sun and ruler are 4 degrees away from Mars. The Ascendant is in a strong square with Saturn. And the Moon is in a strong conjunction with Saturn.

chart ex spacex

In all three the Ascendant and Moon and their relationship with difficult planets is obvious. But the Moon is especially noticeable in these difficult involvements.

It seems the Moon IS a harsh mistress.

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