May ’18 Guild Report

S.T.A.R. Guild Meeting Report, May 22 ’18

Due to unusual circumstances, we had only 3 members in attendance and used the entire time looking at the Part of Fortune and Jupiter in these charts.

Our first chart has the Part in Virgo intercepted in the placidus 7th or in the whole sign 8th, trine Moon and sextile Mercury. Her Mercury, ruler of the Part, is in Scorpio oppose the Moon and square Pluto in Leo. Her Jupiter is in Gemini near the 5th cusp square Neptune and sextile Mars. We noted theoretically that she should draw Virgo and 7th or 8th house things to herself to increase luck. Her testimony and our observations over time note that these areas have been mixed in terms of benefit. She has had gains and loses with partners and investments. She has won a bit gambling and we suggested she do more of that.

Our next chart has the Part in the 9th in Pisces trine the Ascendant. Her Taurus Jupiter in the 11th, is in a T square and in an integrated mystic rectangle. Her Neptune, in the 4th, is in Libra with Saturn and in a T square. Here is another mixed situation. She has had financial trouble due to family. Her benefits seem to be in personal development. She studied art in Italy, teaches music, loves nature, and is intuitive. She also loves fish.

Our last chart has the Part in Capricorn in the 9th sextile Sun and Moon, which are trine. Her Saturn is in Leo in the 4th with Pluto and Mars and in a grand trine with Jupiter and Venus. Her Jupiter is in Sagittarius. She has had much more good luck than bad. Please note the trines and the similarity of the 9th and Jupiter in Sagittarius. Theoretically, she should continue to move toward Capricorn and 9th house things. She does have credentials and a license and is quite conservative. She plans to wear more goat produced cashmere in the winter.
Next month we will do more of this and start studying Pallas Athene, Vesta, Ceres, and Juno for the future. If you want, pick one to present.

I’ll be at the Spiritualist Church in Melbourne on Saturday, June 2nd doing Astrology mini readings as others do wonderful spiritualist readings.

See my Sun sign piece and my following the Moon pieces on my site.

Astrologer Leslie Marlar PAI ’77
Hermetician Church of Light ’93
Honors Graduate Rollins ’90

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