President G.W.Bush

The 12th House of G.W. Bush Feb 14th ’17. by Leslie Marlar

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The 12th house of George Bush is one of three very important houses in his chart. The other two are the 1st and the 3rd.

His 12th contains the Sun & Saturn in the sign, Cancer. So, 12th house events are important, difficult, and emotional.

If we call the 12th house sorrows, we know that he lost his sister in his youth. And he witnessed the 9/11 attack on his watch.

If we call the 12th house Bacchic and leading to self undoing, we know that he played and drank.

If we call the 12th house restrictive, we know that he eventually gave up drinking.

If we call the 12th house secretive, we know that as President, he, as all of the others, had access to the biggest secrets in the world.

If we call the 12th house criminal, some world bring up the invasion and war in Iraq. And let’s remember the weapons of mass destruction. Maybe this last part is mystery.

If we call the 12th house mysterious and supernatural, we remember him looking into Putin’s eyes and seeing his soul. And we note his interest in the Bible, which is part of the Kabala.

And if we call the 12th house disappointed, we might guess that he feels that way about the outcome and reaction to the Iraq War. Those deaths must weigh on him.

The ruler of the 12th is the Moon in Libra in the 3rd along with Neptune and Jupiter. The Moon very close to Jupiter is his prominent and respected family. This also describes lovely Laura.
The Moon in the same sign with Neptune, can show insight and possibly the way words just don’t come out of his mouth right. While addressing a group of teachers, he said, “The only thing we have to ask ourselves about education is, is our children learning?”

I note his Mercury, Pluto, and Venus in Leo in the first because it shows an important political trend. We are electing people with important bodies in Leo. Bill Clinton has Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, and the Sun in Leo. Bush has the three cited. Obama has Mercury, the Sun, and Uranus. Hilary has Pluto, Saturn, and Mars. (She’s worth mentioning as a prominent political figure.) And President Trump has Pluto, Mars and the Ascendant in Leo. And that Ascendant in on 1st magnitude star, Regulus.
Speaking of stars, both Bush and the U.S. have their Suns close to brightest star, Sirius.

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