Artists and their Horoscopes, Leonardo da Vinci

Eight Artist & their Horoscopes, Leonardo

chart leonardo da vinci

This is a presentation of eight well known artists and their horoscopes. The object is to see the person in the horoscope. These artists were selected because I was aware of them and had good birth data on them, an accurate horoscope. The whole sign house system is used. Information comes from Wikepedia, Web Gallery of Art, Global Gallery, Biography and Gallery of Art, Raffaele Monti’s Leonardo da Vinci, and V.P. Zubov’s Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo da Vinci. Major structures in Leonardo’s chart are a Virgo MC with Neptune in Libra; a Sagittarius Ascendant with Antares; a Pisces Moon with Jupiter in the 4th; Mercury in Aries in the creative 5th oppose Neptune and Saturn, and in a wide square with Uranus; the Sun in Taurus in the productive 6th house square Pluto; and Venus in Taurus in the 6th square Mars; and a grand trine in fire between the Ascendant, Mercury, and Pluto.

All of the main asteroids lie between his Uranus and his Pluto. Vesta and Juno are with his Uranus and Athena, Ceres, and Chiron are with his Pluto. His elevated Saturn is exalted in Libra, his Venus and Jupiter are in their home signs. His Saturn is with Spica and he has mutual receptions between Mercury/Mars and Moon/Venus.

We can already see his inspiration coming from his Moon and Jupiter in collective unconscious Pisces, the great number of aspects to his Mercury, and the fire grand trine including Mercury. I think his sense of beauty comes from the presence of Neptune and Saturn in Venus ruled Libra and the Sun and Venus in Venus ruled Taurus.

His appreciation for science comes from Mercury opposing scholarly Saturn and imaginative Neptune which are at the top of his chart. And his MC is in factual Virgo. His brilliance is his Moon with Jupiter and the many aspects to Mercury. His drive is Mars trining his elevated Saturn and squaring his Venus in the 6th. These two active structures show his science and his art.

He is noted for leaving much unfinished and also procrastinating. And this is shown by the obstacle aspects of the Sun in the 6th square Pluto, Venus in the 6th square Mars, and Mercury, natural ruler of the 6th, oppose Saturn.
We can note difficulties that he had with projects being caused by his having no science to rest on. He was working before chemistry and physics came into being.

We can add more biographical details.

He loved knowledge and research. An active Mercury, the Moon with Jupiter, Mercury opposing Saturn, Mars in Aquarius trining Saturn Libra.

He got a good education. Mars in the 3rd trine elevated Saturn in the 10th/11th and many Mercury aspects. Also the grand trine between Pluto in the 9th, Mercury, and the Ascendant.

At age 14, he went to Verocchios and was exposed to all art processes and humanity. This is the Sun and Venus in the 6th, Mars in Aquarius, and the mutual reception between Mars and Mercury.

He was hired by Sforza for his practical abilities: building bridges, engineering, and defenses. This is the Sun and Venus in practical Taurus in the practical 6th, Mercury oppose practical Saturn and Mars trine it. I can see the bridges and defenses with Mars in Aquarius trine Saturn in balanced Libra.

It is noted that his mother may have been a slave from the middle east. Here is the mysterious Jupiter and Moon in Pisces. Another aspect of this is that he is Jupiter and the Moon is women. What woman do you connect him with? He use to take this famous painting with him on travels.

He was famous for infinitesimal differences in color and in light and dark contrasts called sfumata and chiaroscurra. This sounds like Mercury oppose exacting Saturn.

He had charm and beauty. He is described as beautiful, graceful, a charming conversationalists, and as having vigor, vivacity, excellence, and grace. I think this is 6 planets in either their home sign, exaltation, or mutual reception: Jupiter in Pisces, Saturn in Libra, Venus in Taurus, Mars in Aquarius, and Mercury in Aries, Moon in Pisces, and Venus in Taurus.

He had infinite curiosity and the power of concentration. Jupiter with Moon and his heavily aspected Mercury trine his ascendant, him.

He loved all animals. Jupiter with Moon and the Sun and Venus in Taurus, nature.

He was high spirited and generous. Jupiter with Moon and Sagittarius rising.

He was even fun. He liked to blow up guts with a bellows. Mercury in the fun 5th.

In his art he was famous for heads and faces of women and children, graceful figures, movement, and strong contrasts of light and dark. This is the Sun and Venus in beautiful Taurus and Neptune and Saturn in beautiful Libra. When he did his painting of St. Anne, people came for two days to see it. It has a very personal and homey quality, Mary sitting on Anne’s lap.

He was strong but had a sad soul, Moon and Jupiter in Pisces. He died in the arms of the King of France at age 75. He advanced the fields of anatomy, aviation, engineering, optics, and hydrodynamics.

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