Aug. ’19 S.T.A.R. Guild Report

S.T.A.R. Guild Aug. ’19 Meeting Report

We met and covered a lot of territory.

This past month we had shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Oh.
In El Paso, the Moon was square Jupiter in shooting sign Sagittarius and oppose Neptune. Mars was past Venus and the Sun in Leo. In the Dayton shooting, the Ascendant was square Mars. In the Kabul wedding bombing the Ascendant was square the Sun, Venus, and Mars.
Epstein died, and in some ways closed his case. He has Venus and Mars very close in his birth chart, which is a very strong sexual force. They are in Pisces. The corresponding tarot card for Pisces is the Hanged Man.
The Amazon fires started about 3 weeks ago. At that time the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars were in fire sign, Leo. All are out of Leo except Mercury which leaves on the 29 of Aug.
Hong Kong continues in the news. In their chart, transiting Pluto and Saturn are in the house of authority, the 10th; that’s China and those planets are a force to be reckoned with. By ’21 Saturn will be out of that position. They also have Uranus making a 7 year passage through their Moon sign, Taurus. Uranus is revolutionary, so, they should continue to rebel no matter what China does.

In September, we see planets in Virgo, including Mars, squaring Jupiter and opposing Neptune. We need to focus on doing well at work. This can be a weather thing too. It looks similar to the planetary arrangement that was in effect for hurricane Frances that hit on Sep. 5, 2004. Then Mars was with Jupiter & square Pluto. I think that sounds worse than the current planets. (When Dorian hit Marsh Harbor at 2 pm on the 1st, Jupiter was rising in Sagitarius & square Neptune in the 4th and square Mercury, the Sun, Mars, & Venus in Virgo in the 10th. The Libra Moon was square Saturn.)
Later in the month fast moving bodies in Libra square Saturn and Pluto. People can be at variance with our work.

I would like to share two pieces of data before I look at the candidates.

The other day when we were shark fishing, out engine would not start. The Moon was in Taurus making mostly good aspects. But as I watched my friend trying to start the engine with the large letters MERCURY across it, I remembered that the Moon was squaring (thwarting) Mercury. This goes in the evidence notebook.

And I know some one who is an orphan and who has lost 3 houses in his lifetime – no fault on his part. He has the Sun in home and family sign, Cancer. And it opposes Saturn which can bring losses. Now his electric company wants to put high power lines near his house and through his property. And transiting Saturn is in the very spot where it was at his birth. This goes in the notebook too.

Back to the meeting, so far we have noted these things about the candidates.

Trump is Sun ruled and on election day, the Moon (the people) is on his Sun. That is good for being reelected.

Bernie Sander’s chart shows tremendous personal energy with Mars (1st house ruler) in Aries near the Moon in Aries. He does not have planets in Cancer or Aquarius which are important signs in the U.S. Chart. He does have Jupiter in Gemini, which is another important sign in our country’s chart. He has the Sun square Jupiter in the 8th, which shows him wanting to control finances. And he has lacking Saturn in money sign, Taurus, near radical Uranus. He does not seem to like personal wealth and wants to do something different financially. Transiting Mars in Aries from July ’20 to Jan. ’21 shows him to be very active. Or could this be a problem?
Biden is likable to many people and a bit more moderate. He has Sagittarius rising. This is a likable sign and is noted for gaffs. Transiting Jupiter is in Sagittarius from Nov. ’18 to Dec. ’19. So a good planet is in an important place and is moving out and to a less important place this Dec. This sounds like his popularity will decline.

We have no time on Buttigieg so we use a solar house chart. We have less information on him as a result. Mayor Pete has planets in Aquarius and Sagittarius. Sag is important in the U.S. chart also. With no birth time, we do not know if he has other important signs active. In 2020 and 2021 Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter are close to his Sun and Venus and this is a lot of stimulation. So something important is coming for him.

Marianne Williamson has Uranus, Sun, and Venus in Cancer. She may have an Aquarius Moon. She has Mars square her Mercury and maybe her Moon. This is an energized mind. We have no time on her. According to Gordon Allport, there are different major orientations that people can identify with. And we can have more than one. The presidency is a power position. She appears to have a religious and a social orientation. Next year Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter are opposing her Cancer planets, which is a lot of stimulation.
We have no time on Elizabeth Warren who has Uranus, Sun, and Venus in Cancer. She has Mercury and Mars in Gemini, and Jupiter in Aquarius. Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter will be opposing her Venus next year and Jupiter and Saturn will be on her Jupiter in 2021 and some of 2020. I suspect that she is on the ticket.

Mars is going to be in Aries from July’ 20 until Jan ’21. Of this group:
It trines Trump’s Moon and Mars.

It conjuncts Bernie’s Mars and Moon.

It squares Biden’s Jupiter, (him).

It squares 3 planets in Libra in Buttigieg’s chart.

It squares Williamson’s 3 cancer planets, Uranus, Sun, and Venus.

And it squares Warren’s Venus.

Also Trump, Williamson, and Warren all have the Sun with Uranus. This shows them trying to do something different.

So far it looks like Bernie and Warren against Trump. But, we have more information to get.

Full Moon in Pisces on the 12th, the 13th, and much of the 14th contrasts vision and mission.
New Moon in Libra on the 28th and 29th brings a new start in relationships.

Fairly good days this month are: 3, 4, 9, 11, 17, 18, 19, 25.

I’ll be at Book & Bead on Saturday, Sept. 21st doing astrology readings.

Call me if you need me.

Astrologer Leslie Marlar PAI ’77
Hermetician Church of Light ’93
Honors Graduate, BGS Rollins ’90

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