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The Astrology of 2013 and a Look Toward 2014
by Leslie Marlar, late 2013

I must have been one of those scribes in ancient Assyria who kept track of the events of the kingdom and kept watch on the sky. I’m the only astrologer that I know who records news daily along with the placement of the planets. At the end of the year I like to see how they match up. I use a year in review from the Internet and newspaper and proceed with my research. The top ten news events according to Yahoo are:

The Jodi Arias Murder Trial. (Jan 2nd, 2013)

Mars (murder) was rising at the start of the trial. And Saturn was elevated in the death sign, Scorpio. At the time of the murder Scorpio is rising and Mars and Saturn, the two malefics, are elevated. Jodi has Venus in Gemini between Travis Alexander’s Gemini Venus and Mars and her Mars in Virgo is square his Venus. She also has the Moon close to his Mars and picks up on his Mars energy. There is sexual energy here. Her Sun squares Pluto showing extremes in power. (Murder is an extreme power play.) And her Gemini Moon is with Venus, opposes Neptune, and squares Jupiter, Saturn, & Mars. The constellation Gemini is pictured by the twins, one civilized and playing an instrument and the other in skins and carrying a club. This Moon (mind) is unstable.


The chart of the signing of this bill sported a conflicted grand cross with the Moon in Cancer in the 1st house, Saturn retrograde in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries. A chart like this is a bad start to anything. The cross shows too much conflict. We know that it was supported by only one party.
The roll out on Oct.1st happened under a void Moon and shows nothing coming of it. From Oct. ’12 to Jan. ’15 Saturn connects with Obama’s birth chart T square and especially squares his Sun in ’13. Squares like this tend to interfere with one’s agenda. Also since the roll out there has been a T square between Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto in Cardinal signs. This is not helping and shows conflict. The Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn shows liberal Uranians against Conservative Capricorns and lasts from 2011 to 2018. This square was also in effect after the Depression in the 30’s and we are having it after our Recession. In the U.S. Chart we have 6 planets in cardinal signs that are receiving the square and T square mentioned above.
And finally in the President’s 2nd inaugural chart, the Moon in Taurus in the 1st house squares Mars in Aquarius. This represents problems for this phase of the administration.
(Benghazi, the IRS scandal, NSA, DOJ seizes reporter records etc.)

The Boston Marathon Bombing. (April 15th, 2013)

First, the surviving bomber has Mars in the same sign as the Moon, Virgo. And Virgo was rising at the moment of the blast. The Sun was traveling with Mars throughout April and up until about mid-May. Important martial events lead up to and came after the event. Venus with Mars in April shows bad things happening to good people.

The Royal Baby. (July 22nd 2013)

The royal baby has the Sun and planets in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn which unites him with his parents. Prince William has the Sun and Moon in Cancer and his mother has the Moon in Cancer and Sun in Capricorn. Like the Queen and Prince Charles, the baby has Jupiter conjunct Mars. This conjunction must be quite royal. No, Lorde does not have it, she’ll never be royal.

The Zimmerman Case. Acquittal (July 13th 2013)

George Zimmerman has the Sun and Moon in Libra. These are disposed by Venus in Virgo next to Mars. (guns) Venus and Mars are square Uranus and Jupiter in Sagittarius, sign of shooting. He has Saturn in Scorpio and that is where it was during the trial. He is having his Saturn return.
Trayvon Martin has the Sun in Aquarius oppose Mars in Leo. Both Leo and the Sun represent the heart. And this shows Mars, violence coming to the heart on two counts. The shooting happened when Mars was rising.
The verdict came with Mars conjunct Jupiter. Jupiter is judgments and Mars is conflict. The jury was conflicted and either judgment would have made a large segment of the population angry.


At this time there is a least one slow moving planet in cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs. This means that Mars is almost always forming a harsh aspect to one of these planets. Tense Mars aspects can be violent. This could explain the continuous carnage in Syria and also Iraq. In the Syria birth chart, the Moon in Cancer squares Mars in Aries. This brings bad things to the people. Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter are currently connecting with this in a tense way. Jupiter, the helpful planet in Cancer with the Moon could be the events which lead to the control of chemical weapons this year.
Assad has Mars in Scorpio with Neptune in his birth chart. This can be a strange kind of violence. Neptune is also chemistry. Saturn is in this area from Oct. ’12 until Jan. ’15 and stimulating his Mars and Neptune.

North Korean Posturing.

North Korea has Mars in Scorpio square Venus in its birth chart. This brings trouble to the people. Kim Jong-un has the Moon and Saturn in Scorpio with Mars in the country chart. He’s making trouble.

Transition of Popes.

On Feb. 11th Pope Benedict 16, broke with tradition and decided to step down as Pope. Popes are Jupiter. (He has Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant.) Mars was with Neptune and squaring Jupiter. And this was connecting with his early Sagittarian Saturn. Mars was just into his rising sign and Uranus and Pluto were tensely aspecting his Libra Moon. This looks like someone who is mentally tired of conflict. Benedict has Saturn in the religious sign, Sagittarius. Francis has the Sun there. Benedict was made tired. Francis will rule.

Paula Deen.

Paula Deen has the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Capricorn. Planets in this sign can bring success through years of setting and achieving goals. She has Jupiter in Scorpio where Saturn is now. Saturn can take away your rewards. Jupiter rules public statements. She slipped up years ago and it caught up to her now.

Aaron Hernandez.

This player, arrested for murder, has Venus, Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune in Capricorn. Once again we see goals and accomplishment. He also has Mars, Mercury, the Sun, and Pluto in Scorpio. This is the sign of passion and a little bit goes a long way. Saturn currently in Scorpio stimulates all of this and in his case has brought difficulties.

Special note. RG3 has 6 planets in Capricorn, the sign of the knees.

This concludes the news worthy stories selected by Yahoo.

I would add a few things.

Egyptian Violence Mid-August.

Mars was in Cancer past Jupiter and past the opposition with Pluto and the square to Uranus. My guess is that many important events led up to the violence because it comes before it.

The Navy Yard Shooting. (Sept. 16th, 2013)
This happened with Mars in a close square with Venus and Saturn. This brings trouble to innocent people.

Weather and Natural Events.

An Asteroid hits over Chelyabinsk Russia and causes damage. (Feb 15th 2013)

A chart for the moment of the blast shows Pluto at the top of the chart. This is something overwhelming coming from above. And Uranus is on the Ascendant. This is something unusual in one’s face.

The Moore Tornado. (May 20th 2013)
A chart set up for the time of the event shows Jupiter ,Venus, and Mercury in the air sign, Gemini. Jupiter is right next to the MC, a very big wind from above.

The El Reno tornado. (May 31st 2013)

This chart has Mars, Sun, Jupiter and Venus in the wind sign, Gemini in the 8th house, a death and financial house. And malefic, Saturn is rising.

The Washington, Il. Tornado. (Nov 17th 2013)

This chart has a Full Moon in Taurus and Saturn very close to the MC, something awful above.

The Yolanda Typhoon. (Nov. 8th 2013)

This chart has Jupiter with the Mc. The Moon is with Pluto and square Uranus. And Mercury, Saturn, and the Sun in Scorpio are rising.

Here are more events from Florida Today newspaper.

Divided Congress. This is an easy one. This is liberal Uranus in Aries square Pluto in conservative Capricorn. We can also place the gay marriage movement here because it contrasts liberal Uranus square Pluto in traditional Capricorn.

NSA Spying. On Jan 6th a report came out on the mining of phone records. Mars was in the communication sign, Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces, planet and sign of spying.

Nelson Mandela dies. Saturn is in Scorpio where his birth chart Moon is.

What about 2014.

We have seen Saturn involved in many events and people, good and bad, affected by it. Saturn is still in Scorpio. If you have anything important in Scorpio, it would help to be circumspect but not worried. We should take great care with passion. The President, Zimmerman, Assad and Syria, North Korea, people and leader, Paula Deen, Aaron Hernandez, and Mandela have all been affected by Saturn.

From Dec 7, 2013 until mid-July 2014 Uranus, Pluto, Mars, and Jupiter in a Cardinal grand cross requires our attention. This planetary structure is tense and causes interference and conflict. We should meet it with nobility and bravery. Forcing an issue will not work. For the planets we can do these things to improve our situation. We can be original but not radical. We can be dynamic but act before things get overwhelming. We can manage stress and pick battles wisely. We can be optimistic but still respect the facts. For the involved signs: Aries, Capricorn, Libra, and Cancer; we can do the following. We can be enthusiastic but not impulsive, we can set goals and also be respectful of new ideas, we can respect all even in conflict, and we can decrease sensitivity and increase caring.

Jupiter will leave Cancer and go into Leo in mid-July 2014. Mars will leave Libra and enter Scorpio in late July. Jupiter squares Saturn for the rest of the year after that. Business people should be sensible and cautious starting now because these are business planets. And of course, Jupiter rules Republicans and Saturn Democrats. And so, it continues. This is conflict an also preparations for the 2014 mid-term elections.
While Mars is in Scorpio from late July until mid-Sept. it will be with Saturn, so we should all be a bit careful.

There were many wonderful happy events in 2013 and there will be more in 2014. Those of us who watch tend to focus on big flashy events. Let’s all forge ahead with joy and an understanding that even in difficult events, there is meaning.
Speaking of fun things, I looked up Werner Heisenberg. He was a Nobel laureate physicist, especially known for the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. When I saw his chart, it looked familiar. He was born the same day as Walt Disney. Werner and Walt both have Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus in Capricorn. This represents an urge to set and achieve goals. Werner has it in the thinking and writing house, the 3rd house, and he wrote many papers. Walt has it in the 5th house, the creative house, and he created his own world. The prominence of Capricorn strikes me as an empire building energy. Disney built an empire and Heisenberg worked for one, the Third Reich.
So what about Bryan Cranston, who played Walter White, “Heisenberg”, and made the name famous for us non-physicist moderns in the Breaking Bad series. He has Mars and the Moon in Capricorn. He also has the Sun in Pisces, the chemistry sign. And what about Tom Hanks whose is playing Disney in “Saving Mr. Banks”? Does he have anything in Capricorn? No. Hanks has the same Virgo Ascendant as Disney. Ascending signs determine appearance. And in the movie, he looks just like him.

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