Jan. ’18 Guild Meeting Report

Jan. ’18 S.T.A.R. Guild Meeting

We met and looked at our charts to see the recent or upcoming shifts of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. We are mulling over what we saw. And we will follow up as people have events or understand things that have started to change. We will also simply ask members for their main concerns to see if there is a match between new positions and new issues. We also have to note if the planetary shifts stimulate the chart more or less that the previous positions.

We are happy to have a two new members. One is taking an Astrology correspondence course. We will be her helpers and we have many years of experience to share.

2 years ago, one member lost both parents while having her Saturn return and Pluto squaring and Uranus opposing her Sun in the 4th.

Another member with Mars in Capricorn in the 7th in a natal T square and a mystic rectangle has had serious joint problems in the lower body since youth. These have increased with Pluto very near her Mars. Saturn has entered Cap and at times, Mars will be there in ’18. We should look at all of the therapeutic possibilities.

Another member is scheduled for surgery on a shoulder that he hurt when Saturn was in Sag on his Moon and opposing his Uranus in Gemini.

Three of our members mentioned on a night when the Moon was near Uranus, having prophetic dreams in recent time. One of those sounded like astral travel because she saw an event that was happening as it happened in another part of the world. Another Pisces Sun member had a little psychic event, even while having a bit of wine with a friend, while waiting for another.

I’m going to encourage brief reports involving unusual awareness. The things are gifts and we can show our appreciation and promotion for them by noting them. I’m wondering if the presence of a new member who is a psychic stimulated these spontaneous reports.

Next month we will continue looking at members’ charts and note anything topical that is important.


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