12 Part Sign Series, Libra


Libra and Accomplished People, Part 7 of 12 Part Sign Series.

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Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac. It is a cardinal air sign. As an air sign it is about people, relationships, and ideas. As a cardinal sign it defines these air qualities as active and important. For example, one’s mate reflects an important relationship. We can combine mode and element and call Libra, active intelligence.

Libra is the 1st sign of Fall where the days and nights are equal. With this symbolism, we assign the qualities of fairness and eqitability to the sign. The key Libra phrase is I Balance which comes from the Libra image of the scales. A scale compares two things or compares one thing to a standard. When we compare human behavior to a high standard we get law and justice. (The Egyptian Book of the Dead describes the judgment in the afterlife as weighing the soul against the weight of a feather.)

The body part associated with Libra is the kidneys, which filters the blood of impurities, thus promoting homeostasis.

Venus, the planet of beauty, pleasure, and art, rules Taurus and Libra. Taurus is natural beauty, Libra is the beauty achieved by the creation of man. Architecture is a fine example of the balance and beauty achieved by Libra activities. Also, when we put Venus and Libra concepts together we get polite society, which shows pleasantness and focus on people.

The 7th sign Libra is associated with the 7th House of the horoscope which is about significant others, spouses, partners, the public, and enemies; yes, enemies. Libra is the sign of war and peace, bad and good relationships.

The image that I give my astrology students is a wedding party, or the sweet, Venus ruled, wedding cake with bride and groom dolls on top.

The dynamic of Libra is the ability to put things and people together in a beautiful way. The gift is style.

Libra is opposite the sign Aries, therefore they are an axis. The Aries Libra structure is the I/Thou axis. Aries has an agenda, knows who he is, and takes action. Libra can be this too, but always interacts with the other. If not careful with the balance of the concepts of this axis, Libra can get too much of identity and agenda from the other. If you are surprised that Libra can be like Aries somewhat, remember that the seed of the opposite sign is in whichever sign is in our focus.

For stories like Libra, let’s note Paris having to choose the most deserving of three beautiful divas; Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena. He chose Aphrodite, who promised him Helen, and this ultimately started the Trojan War. Here we see beautiful women, the desire for a relationship, and war.

Here’s one ironic note, Hindus note that this air sign is represented by an inanimate object and thus it is the only sign that does not breathe.


Let’s look at what other astrologers say about Libra.

J. Avery says that Libra rising attempts to create a beautiful and peaceful existence. She says they adjust to forces around them to keep their inner sense of balance. She notes that Libras feel safe when things are quiet, good, and perfect. She also cites that Libra has difficulty saying what they really mean. (Assertiveness is standing up for your rights, defending yourself against attack, and expressing your true feelings. Assertiveness is not specifically a Libra quality. But the seed of this Aries quality is there.)


Max Heindel says that it is difficult for them to settle down to anything definite. He reminds us that Saturn is exalted in Libra because the days are getting darker like Saturn. And the Sun is in its fall sign because of the unSun-like approaching darkness. He also notes that for a Sun in Libra, the sun rises and sets on the mate.


Myrna Lofthus says they want peace at any price and that they procrastinate. She notes that the positive qualities of Libra are: diplomatic, cooperative, helpful, idealistic, and sociable. Negative qualities are: indecisive, dependent, insincere, lazy, and self-indulgent.


Isabel Hickey says that they want to be liked and won’t take a stand.


Margaret Hone describes them as getting rid of things as the kidneys do, being discontent with real life, and sitting on the fence. She adds that they live in their mind and swing to extremes. She says they see both sides and try to bridge them and that it is hard for them to be loyal to either side.


Alan Oken defines Libra as involved in attraction and combat. (Libra corresponds to the 7th house of the horoscope and it is about relationships and war, mate and open enemies.) He says that Libras need to circulate like air and that they enjoy watching others enjoy life.


H. Zondag says Libra has many contacts and has a part to play in the community. (Libra like Aries represents the horizon where things and people come to us. Planets in these signs show the types of things and people we attract.) She notes that the decorative takes precedence over form and that their vulnerability comes from a need for beauty and peace.


Z. Dobyns says of the two signs ruled by Venus, that Taurus saves the world and that Libra enjoys the pleasure of people.


J. Wickenburg says that air (Libra) shows where we are all connected.


N. Tyl says of Mercury in Libra that the mind can balance alternatives or vacillate. And that Mars in Libra shows eagerness for harmony and balance.


M. Meyer says that the principle of Libra is idealism, the process is human interchange, and the purpose is individual participation with the social whole. The concrete meaning of Libra is comparison and evaluation of people and situations and the absolute meaning is the establishment of a set of values, ideals, and social standards.


Matthews notes that Libra can do almost anything.


M. Schulman teaches us that the Ascendant represents the rising Sun and Libra represents the setting Sun. (In the natural horoscope, Aries is in the East, self, and Libra is in the West, others.) He continues by defining life for a Libra as a self created dream world. He says their strong egos disturb their sense of calm, and that others and circumstances are in charge.


E. Bach notes that the Supreme Court convenes when the Sun is in Libra, sign of justice.


KISS Guide to Astrology cites that Libras ride things out until problems go away. An that this Venus ruled sign needs more Mars, exercise.


E. Adams notes that they feel that life-long fidelity is not natural. She says that Libra children should be taught to exercise will power, hold to desires, and have a definite purpose in life.


T. Holmes notes that F. Scott Fitzgerald says that intelligence is the ability to function mentally within dichotomies. ( Contrasting opposites is a Libra quality shown by the scales symbolism.)



The Charts.


Bill Clinton has the Ascendant, Mars, Neptune, Venus, and Jupiter in Libra in the 1st house, which is a key place in the chart that defines identity. Basically, he’s got personal Libra qualities. He does “feel your pain” and he never met a relationship he did not like. In retrospect, he seems to be quite a good politician and was capable of working across the isle when he was forced to by Republican wins in a midterm election during one of his terms. Aside from Libra, he has Mercury with Saturn which is a symbol for intelligence. His Taurus Moon in the 8th, house of death, squares his Leo Sun. This is an important structure. His father died before he was born and this is an important condition in his life. As for Monica, her Sun , Moon, and Ascendant are in the same signs as his. This shows a natural bond.


Pope John Paul 2 has Libra rising with Mars. Libra shows his ability to reach out to people and Mars in such a key place shows his high energy level. It also shows him in the presence of soldiers. I’m referring to those who occupied Poland. Mars in Libra is part of his social activism. He even founded a service for marital problems which is a literal translation of Mars in Libra. Jupiter, the religious planet, near his Midheaven defines him as an elevated clergyman.

His intelligence and his command of 8 languages is shown by the Moon in Gemini in the 9th house. He could make 25 speeches in one day. Gemini and the 9th house are travel symbols and he was the most traveled pope.

With his Libra rising and Aries descending he attracts those natives. Cardinal Rattizinger, Who later became Pope Benedict 16, has an Aries Sun and a Libra Moon. This marks the closeness between them. And the chart of the Vatican 2 Council, in which Pope John Paul 2 was a key player, has a Libra Sun and an Aries Moon. (The Vatican 2 Council happened in the 60’s and was an attempt to modernize the Church.)


Jimmy Carter has the Sun in Libra and he is Libra rising. As a double Libra, we should see Libra qualities in him. He is noted as a peacemaker. Some think that he wants peace at any price. They note his election loss due to weakness as President.


He has an early Saturn in Scorpio near his late Libra Ascendant. This gives him Saturn qualities and can make him intense, slow to act, responsible, and a businessman. His Moon is in Scorpio, the sex sign. I remember him confessing that he had looked at women with lust. This came up in answer to a question posed to him.


P.S. John Kennedy was Libra rising. He was handsome and another “relating” guy and the idol of Clinton. 

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