S.T.A.R. Guild Oct ’16 Report

S.T.A.R. Guild October ’16 Meeting Report

We had our meeting and looked again at Fixed Stars in our charts. Some strong placements were found in our members. One member is going to looked up the mythology of the Hyades, nymphs that bring rain, in the constellation Taurus, and another that of the Pleiades, the daughters of titan, Atlas. Another member had Sirius on her Uranus; I tried to claim that that was me.

Our next adventure was the upcoming election. The charts are showing pluses and minuses on both sides. And we have 2 times on Hilary and no sure time on the U.S. Chart.

Trump’s chart has more connections with the U.S. Chart; note the many planets in Cancer.

His chart is luckier; note the Sun with Uranus trine Jupiter.

On election day the Scorpio Sun is with her 3 Scorpio planets, including her Sun. The Moon is in her Moon sign later in the day.
Saturn is on his Moon. In the past Saturn on his Moon or on his Sun have not been bad times for him. Under the former he took over his father’s business and under the later he published the Art of the Deal.

In the inauguration chart, the Moon is in Scorpio, her sign. But it is setting and Taurus, his Midheaven is rising.

In a chart set up for the polls closing, Uranus is with the MC. , surprise. Leo, his Ascendant, is rising for 2 hours after the polls close and within that time, Taurus, his M.C. sign will be culminating.

Around 1 am, Mars goes into Aquarius, the U.S. Moon sign. This is Hilary’s 9th or 4th and Trump’s 7th. One half of the population will be P.Oed no matter who the winner is.

In a chart set up for the start of the election in D.C. Jupiter in Libra, the Republicans. is closer to the M.C. in late Leo, his Ascendant, and Saturn in Sagittarius, the Democrats, is farther away. But also Scorpio is rising and Leo is culminating. Both signs are important for her, but not harmonious. The Moon is in Aquarius; here’s a lunar return, a major change in the fabric of our lives.

One of our members , who is thinking, suggested that we look at Hilary’s election history. I looked at Bill’s election and Hilary’s senate election. In both, the Moon was in Pisces. This is where the Moon will be on election night. This is a strong statement. In Trump’s chart Pisces is his solar 10th. On the 4 days with Pisces Moons in the primaries, Trump won 3 and lost 1. On these same days, Hilary tied 1 and lost 3. It seems a Pisces Moon worked for her better in the past.

Next month on Nov 22nd we will see what worked.


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