S.T.A.R. Guild June ’15 Report

S.T.A.R. Guild June 23rd 2015 Meeting Report

We met at our beautiful riverside library and looked at a number of charts.     chart enter ch shooting      chart s car shooting

When Dylann Roof entered the Church in Charleston, 24 Sagittarius, the sign of churches was rising. Mars and the Sun were in Gemini in the open enemy, 7th house in close opposition to the Ascendant. The chart clearly shows the presence of danger in the church.

A time of 9:05 pm is estimated as the time the shooting started. The Ascendant was at the 6th degree of Capricorn moving toward an opposition of Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer at the 15th degree. This makes sense in that Roof has a Capricorn Moon. He may have needed the stimulation of the Capricorn Ascendant to start shooting. (The Newtown Ct. shooting has Pluto, the Moon, Mars, and the Ascendant in Capricorn.)     chart newtown ct shooting

chart dylann roof    chart adam lanza

We have no time on Roof at this time. He is an Aries Sun with a Capricorn Moon. This means that the Uranus Pluto square in Aries and Capricorn has been upon him. His Mercury is very close to Mars and in the same sign with Saturn, Pisces. His Capricorn Moon is in the same sign with Neptune and Uranus showing intelligence and also potential darkness and strangeness of mind. (Adam Lanza also has Uranus, Neptune, and the Moon in Capricorn. His Mars is also in Pisces, and he has Mercury and Venus in Aries.)
Someday, when we are further into the Aquarian Age, parents and teachers will know their childrens’ charts and be able to better guide them in the use of the planetary energies that are shown in their horoscopes.
One of our members suggested that we look at the chart of Charleston to see if there were connections between the city and his chart. Charleston’s Mars is at 13 Aries as is Roof’s Sun.

chart c jenner

We also looked at Caitlyn Jenner. Bruce was born with the sexual sign, Scorpio rising with the Sun very close to the Ascendant. His Moon is in Aquarius near the Nadir. We have the Sun, a masculine body, in the feminine sign, Scorpio and the Moon, a feminine body, in the masculine sign, Aquarius. These two bodies are square, showing conflict between the two most important bodies in any chart. The Ascendant is early life and the Nadir is late life. He came in as a man and she will go out as a woman.

chart sully sullenberger        chart flight sullenberger

We also looked at pilot, Sully Sullenberger and his fateful flight. He is Sagittarius rising with Jupiter in Pisces close to Mars and trine Uranus. He was born under a full Leo Moon with Saturn in Libra trine the Sun and sextile the Moon. He has a T square between Mercury in Capricorn, Saturn, and Uranus. And he has a yod between Neptune in Libra, Pluto in Leo and the north node in Pisces.

In the flight chart, Cancer is rising with the Moon next to Saturn in Virgo. They are trine the Sun in Capricorn. Mars is on the Descendant, Jupiter is with Mercury in Aquarius, and Uranus is oppose Saturn. Saturn and Mars are in troublesome spots. Jupiter with Mercury in Aquarius and Venus near Uranus help.
One of our members focused on transitting Uranus and Saturn stimulating his natal yod and that this helped him make the right decision to land successfully in the Hudson. It was good to be reminded of something that some of us overlook. Please note also that the best planet, Jupiter, was on his Sun, the most important thing in his birth chart. P.S. Rex Bills says that geese are ruled by the Moon. The Moon was with Saturn in the flight chart.

Next month we will look at the charts of writers: Patricia Cornwell, Steven King, E.L. James, and J. K. Rowling.

Let’s us know any of your take on any of this. To see all of these charts, see Star Guild Reports on my site.


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