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Brett Farve    b_farve_Chart Service a Wheel

July 6 ’22

Brett Farve is an award winning retired football quarterback, the leader of the team. I think of the Sun and Mars when leaders come to mind.

I saw him in an interview recently. He struck me with the statement that he played better when he was injured. Once again I thought of the Sun, success, and Mars, injury and pain.

We have no time on him but we have a date and place, Oct. 10, ’69 at Gulfport, Miss.

He has Uranus, the Moon, Jupiter, and the Sun in Libra square Mars in Capricorn.

This group of bodies certainly puts Mars and the Sun in strong focus which matches his life in football.

The Virus

As an astrologer, I’m trying to understand the virus events. One can see Mars Jupiter and Saturn in the sky about 5:30 to 6:00 in the morning. Mars is coming to Jupiter around March 20 and Mars is coming to invisible Pluto around March 23. Mars is coming to Saturn around March 31 with both in Aquarius. We can also call the virus Pluto. Jupiter’s coming to Pluto late March and early April. Saturn with was with Pluto back on January 12. All these planetary events represent virus events. By mid April the main planetary events seem to be over.

Neil Armstrong and His Horoscope  chart neil armstrong

Neil Armstrong was the first man on the Moon.

Prior to his becoming an astronaut, he was a combat pilot and a test pilot. There is a dangerous, martial aspect to his flying. He has the air sign, Aquarius for his Midheaven and another air sign, Gemini is rising. He also has Mars in Gemini in the first house which corresponds to the danger in the air. He did have mishaps.

His Moon is in the 7th house in Sagittarius. The 7th like the first, shows what comes to us, it can also show our destination. Also, please note that these highlighted signs, Gemini and Sagittarius are travel signs. Having these planets and signs in key places in his chart is showing the key features of his life.

His Leo Sun, making good aspects, suggests success. His three planets in cool, deliberate Virgo correspond to his being an engineer.

Venus, ruler of the 5th, the house of children, squares the Moon and shows his emotion over his daughter dying in her early youth. The fact that the Moon is 11 degrees away from Saturn in the 8th corresponds to his loss and sorrow. Jupiter opposing 8th house, Saturn can show extreme loss, extremes in government funds, and a destiny to participate in an important part of history.

His chart matches his life.

John McCain.         john mccain

John McCain has definable outstanding qualities and matching outstanding planetary situations in his chart.

He was a long term senator. He is Pisces rising and Jupiter, ruler of Pisces and one of his planetary “rulers” is at the top of his chart. This shows that he is elevated and focused on honors. Jupiter is in Sagittarius and shows his leaning toward foreign affairs.

He has Saturn in the 1st house, the identity house, and in water sign, Pisces. Saturn is also focused on honors and on one’s past. This simple astrological statement explains his sense of duty to join the Navy as his admiral forbears did. This strong placement of Saturn is probably the reason for his conservatism, along with the presence of 4 planets in earth signs.

His focus on the military in addition to the dominating Saturn background, is shown by the Moon moving to oppose Mars. Mars is in swashbuckling Leo oppose Moon, square Uranus, and trine Jupiter. With the Moon in the 12th and Mars in the 6th, this combo explains the war time captivity and the resulting injuries and enduring health problems. Mars trine Jupiter in the 10th shows his honorable behavior while in captivity in Vietnam. His temper is shown by Moon oppose Mars square Uranus in raging bull sign, Taurus. And his Moon in an out of sign opposition with Pluto shows not only insight but also the extreme mental states that could be caused by imprisonment with severe injuries.

His Uranus is square Moon and Mars and trine Sun. Here is the maverick, as Uranus loves to take a different stance.

The trine of the two mental planets, Moon in Aquarius and Mercury in Libra, does show civility by virtue of their position in refined air signs and the harmony of the trine. The presence of civil Venus in people house, 7, adds to this.

The Sun, Neptune, and Venus in Virgo in the 7th shows the importance of analysis and criticism and the importance of partners and enemies. Neptune, the other ruler of Pisces of the 1st house in the 7th, shows his presence in the enemy’s camp.

He left us his exemplary life history and his book, “Why Courage Matters: the Way to a Braver Life.”

Maya Anjelou                chart maya angelou

If you think she was a strong woman, she had Leo rising.

If you think she was a poet, she had Neptune on the Ascendant and Venus with Mercury in Pisces.

If you know that she was attacked in her youth, she had Mars on the Descendant.

If you think she knew sadness, she had Venus and Mercury square Saturn.

If you think she was a teacher who constructed her future, her Aries Sun was between Jupiter and Uranus in the 9th house.

If you think her energetic, she had a grand trine in fire.

And if you think she had an important and full life, she was born at the Full Moon. 

Barbara Walters.      chart barbara walters

Retirement probably looks different in different peoples’ charts. It can mean different things. Barbara Walters is a current example of someone retiring. She has cardinal signs in angular houses, which sounds like her success.

In an interview on O’Reily she described herself as curious, energetic, and courageous in her work. This sounds like her Mercury and Mars in Libra in the 1st house.

At this time the cardinal grand cross is happening in her angular houses. So here comes a big life change. Jupiter is in her 10th house and she’s getting great applause on her work. She’s also having her Uranus return. (She’s taking a turn.) Neptune is in her 6th and opposing her natal Neptune which is near the 12th cusp in a quadrant system. So there is a bit of back burner cadent stuff for a retirement. Saturn is squaring her 1st house ruler, Venus, so maybe she’s tired now that she’s in her 80’s. Her 3rd Saturn return will start as Saturn enters Sagittarius in very late ’14. This could be a new long term goal. 

pope francis

Our new pope, Francis, is so well liked by all that he is on the cover of Rolling Stone. Why is he so well liked? He is liked because he is loving and accepting. But why is he like this? He has Cancer rising. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and his Moon is right next to Venus, the nice planet. Amen.

charts fall leno car

Jay Leno is another fellow who is truly liked and noted for treating people well. He is Aquarius rising. Saturn is his planet. Saturn is right next to the Moon. And the Moon opposes Venus. Also Venus and Jupiter, the good planets are in Pisces, where they love to be. These two in this emotional sign give a very pleasant emotional state. But he does work his butt off with the Moon between ambitious Saturn and driven Mars in the work sign, Virgo.

We can’t think of Leno without thinking of Fallon. He has Jupiter in Pisces just like Leno. His Venus opposes Jupiter from Virgo and this is similar to Leno’s situation, likable. He has Mars, Pluto, Mercury, and Uranus in Libra. This makes him a people person, an artist, driven, and especially intelligent. A square to some of these planets from Saturn makes him ambitious.

Of course, Johnny Carson comes to mind. He has Jupiter next to the Moon in Capricorn, oppose Pluto, and square Mars. This is funny, ambitious, and driven. He has Mercury next to Saturn in intense Scorpio in a very personal part of the chart. He was intense, private, ambitious, and smart.

These guys are smart, driven, ambitious, and funny.

Leno smart: Mercury trine Mars, Moon between Saturn and Mars.

Leno driven: Moon between Saturn and Mars.

Leno ambitious: Moon next to Saturn.

Leno funny: Moon past the opposition to Venus and moving to oppose Jupiter.

Fallon smart: Mercury with Uranus.

Fallon driven: Mars with the Sun.

Fallon ambitious: Saturn square 4 planets in Libra.

Fallon funny: Moon sextile Venus and trine Jupiter.

Carson smart: Mercury with Saturn trine Pluto.

Carson driven: Mars square Moon and Jupiter.

Carson ambitious: Mercury with Saturn and Moon and Jupiter in Saturn’s sign, Capricorn.

Carson funny: Moon with Jupiter.

chart chris chris

What is happening to Chris Christie? In his birth chart he has Mercury in Libra square Mars in Cancer. This planetary structure is about awareness of, thought about, and communication of trouble. This is currently being heavily stimulated by Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, and Mars from Dec. ’13 until late July ’14. This shows trouble for a while. I rest my case.

bei cyrus thic

What’s up with Justin Bieber? In his birth chart, Saturn is near the Sun. This can cause depression and related conditions. His Mercury is next to Mars which gives intelligence and a focus on trouble. His Moon squares Neptune and Uranus. This can give insight but also an erratic and strange quality of mind. Currently, Mars is in his Moon sign. This disturbs the peace of the mind.

And Miley Cyrus? Saturn at the top of her chart shows extreme fame. Pluto, the Moon, and Mercury in the sex sign ,Scorpio trine Mars, the sex planet shows sex and sex. And this makes her driven mentally and smart. And these three bodies on her horizon bring contacts and opportunities. Her Venus in Capricorn with Uranus and Neptune makes her notions on love veerrry innnnteresting.

And then comes Robin Thicke. We don’t know his birth time yet. If his Moon is in Scorpio, and it may be, it connects with Miley’s and explains all of the twerking. His Jupiter on her Ascendant should bring benefits. ( His song is so good that some of us just can’t resist its urges.)

Feb 15. I would love to address the untimely passage of Phillip Hoffman but both his Sun sign and his Moon sign are in question. What a mystery. Mysteries and drugs are ruled by Neptune.

Shirley Temple has passed. She was so accomplished. What separates someone like her from the rest of us? Answer. She had 4 bodies in parts of the chart that bring people and things to us. Saturn was in her 1st house bringing Saturn people and also discipline. The Moon was in her 7th bringing the world, the masses. And she had Venus and Mercury, intelligent and artistic people, very close to Jupiter. Jupiter is her because she is Sag rising.  We usually do not succeed without connections. She had them.

chart mick jagger

Mick Jagger is in mourning. Transiting Saturn in Scorpio is opposing his 12 house Taurus Moon. This is the way the sky says, the loss of a woman and feeling sad. Scott died under a full moon in Virgo, the sign that contains Mick’s Venus, representing women. 3/22/14

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