2014 & 2015

The Astrology of 2014 and 2015
by Leslie Marlar

Many events happened on earth last year and many planetary events happened in the sky. This is an attempt to match them up.

Last year the main planetary events were these.

A grand cross involving 4 planets lasting from Dec ’13 until almost Aug. ’14. The planets and signs involved were Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn. In this grand cross two oppossitions cross each other at 90 degrees. We consider this to be discordant and tense. It affects everything on the planet: world events, personal events, weather etc. During this time we experienced the polar vortex, the Christie scandal, Hoffman’s death, terrorist attacks in Nigeria, the loss of flight 370, GM recalls, Ebola, the kidnapping of 200 African girls by terrorists, Sterling’s racial comments, the S. Korea ferry capsizing, a coal mine explosion in Turkey, fires in California, Kim and Kanye’s wedding, the VA scandal, Central American kids showing up on our southern border, an awareness of ISIS, gay marriage, Hong Kong protests, fighting in the Ukraine, the shooting down of Fl 17 over the Ukraine, and fighting between Israel and the Palestinians.

There were two sets of eclipses in 2014 in April and in Oct. In April during the grand cross, eclipses added to the troubles. The first one had an impact; it was in Libra/Aries, signs involved in the grand cross. It happened on the 15th and on the 21st those innocent girls in Africa were kidnapped.

In mid-July, Jupiter came out of the cross by going into Leo. And in late July Mars came out of the cross by going into Scorpio. Let’s look at both planets.
Jupiter in Leo from mid-July ’14 to Aug. ’15 squares Saturn in Scorpio by sign until Saturn goes into Sagittarius on Dec. 23rd. Jupiter represents the legal community, the academic community, the religious community, the medical community, and Republicans. Saturn represents the government, business, those in authority, and Democrats. These planets represent various powers in society and the square shows them in tension. So for the last half of ’14 these planets showed conflict. This was part of the tension between republicans and democrats culminating in an election. And the authorities and the legal community have been under criticism by many vocal people due to grand jury rulings. Obama’s executive order on immigration is also a reflection of the square between these planets who were in very powerful signs, thus a power struggle. The Sony cyber attack was also “caused” by this due to Jupiter being “attacked” by Saturn. It is appropriate that Jupiter is in the entertainment sign, Leo. Also the Uranus Pluto Square is all that is still in effect from the grand cross and this can cause all kinds of problems in technology.
Let’s track Mars and Mars events. When Mars left the marriage sign Libra it went into the intense, deadly sign Scorpio from late July to mid September, where it joined Saturn. Here the two malefics are together. The Israel Gaza situation continued, Ebola continued and came to this country, Ferguson happened, the 1st three beheadings of Americans by ISIS took place, Joan rivers and Robin Williams were lost to death, and floods and fires in California happened.
Let’s look at the October eclipses. Under the first one in Aries/Libra on Oct 8th Kobani is being attacked, Hong Kong protests are happening, Ferguson protests are happening, Thomas Duncan dies of Ebola in Texas, and his nurse gets Ebola.

Under the 2nd one on Oct. 23rd in Scorpio a cluster of violent events take place. These are: two Canadian soldiers were hit by a car and one died, an Ottawa soldier was killed by a lone wolf terrorist, 2 New York cops were attacked by a hatchet wielding man, 6 students were shot in WA., and 3 cops were shot in Ca.

From late Oct. through early Dec. Mars was in Capricorn with extreme Pluto. During this time Mars is connecting with the Uranus Pluto square and Jupiter and Saturn are squaring each other. Both the Ferguson and the Staten Island grand jury rulings happen at this time, the Sony cyber attack happens, Hong Kong protests are continuing, ISIS is still beheading people, the Republicans win big, oil is low – unemployment is low – and the economy is up, it’s cold, and Obama signs his executive order on immigration.

On Dec 4, Mars went into Aquarius where it stays until the 2nd week in January. Here it opposes Jupiter and squares Saturn until Saturn leaves Sagittarius on Dec 23rd. Aquarius is the people, especially in the U.S., where our Moon is in Aquarius in our horoscope. So, this represents the demonstrations that have been happening since the Gardner case grand jury decision. Even after Saturn leaves Scorpio, Mars opposes Jupiter until the 2nd week of January. Jupiter in Leo is good for children, but not when Mars opposes it. On Dec. 16 over 100 children were killed due to a Taliban attack on a school.

What about Neptune, planet of oil? Is the recent out of sign square from Saturn bringing the price down? Or is it harmonious trines earlier in the year that incrreased production and lowered the price? These things can be hard to read in advance. Saturn diminishes. It did not bring a shortage of oil but maybe it is responsible for a lowering of the price.This square will continue in 2015.

And finally, what’s up with Cuba? The president stated that he wants to renew relations with Cuba after decades. He said this a few days before Saturn moved from an enduring fixed sign, Scorpio to a freedom loving traveling sign, Sagittarius. This suggests that this will happen. Some of us are already practicing our cha cha.

So what is coming in 2015? The grand cross is over but the Uranus Pluto square that was part of it is still in effect. It is associated with extremes and technological events. Mars will connect with this several times. Mars in Aries in weeks 1 and 2 of March will activate this. In the 3rd and 4th week of July, Mars in Cancer will again activate. In the 4th week of Nov. and the 1st and 2nd week of Dec. Mars in Libra will activate. At these times the movers and shakers of society are involved. And these are active conflictied events. These Mars connections with Uranus and Pluto involve 3 planets not 4 like the grand cross and they are shorter term. This is an improvement over 2014. But we should be circumspect during these times. Our own wise behavior helps us.

In the first week of Jan. Mars is still oppose Jupiter, so people are still stirred up.

In the 3rd and 4th week of January, Mars is with Neptune and square Saturn. This trouble is strange and happening in mental signs.

In April, Mars squares Jupiter and smacks of financial trouble.

In the 3rd and 4th week of May, Mars in Gemini opposes Saturn and squares Neptune. Saturn’s involvement is important and difficult, and these are mental signs again. Travel signs are involved also.

In the 1st and 2nd week of Sept., Mars is squaring Saturn which is back in late Scorpio. This is an unpleasant power struggle.

The most interesting Mars period is when Mars in Virgo is with Jupiter and opposes Neptune, and squares Saturn in late Sept and the 1st and 2nd week of October. We have great stimulation and conflict in mental signs and a conjunction in the sign of the workforce and the military. Some good can come from this, in that, Jupiter is optimistic about the future and Mars sets about to build that future.

Many Mars events have been mentioned. Every year there are many Mars events. Mars will not conjunct Saturn this year and that is good.

In March and April we will have eclipses in late Pisces and in mid-Libra. These are not connecting with Mars and that is good.

In September, eclipses will happen at 20 Virgo and 5 Aries. And these will not connect with Mars.

We’ve looked at the Pluto Uranus square and Mars. Looking at Saturn, let me say that Saturn in Sagittarius is milder than Saturn in extreme Scorpio. Sag is a more easy going sign. This is an improvement. But Saturn in Sagittarius is in an important part of the U.S. Chart. We have to watch out for harmful things and people coming into the country.
Jupiter will be involved in a harmonious grand trine by sign with Uranus and Saturn through April. This promotes the good.

In August, Jupiter goes into Virgo where is opposes foggy Neptune and squares Saturn. The conflict is on again. But planets are out of power signs and in mental signs. When do we start gearing up for the 2016 election?

Special notes.

When Joan rivers died, Mars and Saturn were in her 8th house, house of death. And Mars is her 1st house ruler, making this personal. When Robin Williams died, Mars and Saturn were passing through his 1st house, making their trouble personal for him.

When the Republicans won big, Jupiter was at the top of the election chart and Saturn was on the horizon. In election charts, height means winning.
When Obama did his executive action on immigration and expressed his plans for Cuba, Mars was activating him on his 1st house ruler and later in his 1st house, Saturn was at the top of his chart stimulating his authority, and Jupiter was in his Sun sign giving him confidence.

Christie’s trouble happened during the grand cross. It was stimulating his Mercury square Mars. The trouble went away after the cross ended.

Fl 370 took off under a Moon in Gemini square Neptune and the Sun in mysterious Pisces. These Pisces planets are low in the chart. Pisces is a water sign. The Air Asia plane departed with many planets in Capricorn in the 1st house square Uranus in the 4th. The Moon is low in the chart in Pisces. The 1st and 4th houses are weather houses. Fl 17, shot down over the Ukraine, had Mars in the 1st house of the departure chart. At crash, Saturn was with the Ascendant in Scorpio.

Marriages were in the news. It is appropriate that gay marriage should be in the news with Mars having opposed unusual Uranus for months. Being gay used to be called Uranism. The famous wedding of Kim and Kanye is natural, both have Pisces Moons; this makes a couple feel comfortable with each other. P.S. Kim has Sagittarius, sign of the hips and thighs rising with Mars and Neptune.
In the Sewol Ferry departure, the Ascendant was with Saturn. In the capsizing chart, the Moon was in Scorpio with Saturn.

When the Ferguson grand jury decision was announced, the Moon was in Capricorn approaching Pluto and Mars and the Ascendant was opposing this.

Conclusion. I think things will be a bit better this year. There are temporary T squares involving Mars but no long term grand cross. We have a nice grand trine in fire early the year, involving Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. Mars will not conjunct Saturn. And Saturn is out of extreme Scorpio.

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