S.T.A.R. Guild Report Aug ’14

S.T.A.R. Guild Report, Aug 26th ’14 Meeting

This is a simplified look at a complex subject. The dragon’s head and tale, the nodes, back through the signs. It takes about a year and a half for them to go through a set of opposite signs. When new and full moons happen near the nodes, we have eclipses. We have two sets of eclipses 6 months apart each year. And two or three eclipses happen during these sets two weeks apart. Eclipses have a long term reputation for having very important effects on our lives. In astrology, long term means 1000’s of years.
In astrology we can look at something with a close focused view or a wider field of view. Both are valid. So a close view sees an eclipse happening very near a planet in one’s chart and wonders what that will bring in a close time frame. For example, an eclipse might happen very close to one’s Pluto. And one stays in bed for a couple of days.

The wide view, notes what signs are important in one’s chart. These would be the signs that contain the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and 1st house ruler AND their opposite signs. This can easily be half of the zodiac. Then one looks for the node passing through any of these signs. We then look for the details of where the eclipses are happening.
For example The north node is in Libra from late March 2014 through early October 2015. So someone with something important in Libra or Aries can expect an important event. Because of the leeway between the position of the node and the new and full moons, we can have eclipses in adjacent signs. It’s easiest just to consult an ephemeris or something like a pocket astrologer that tells us the dates and degrees of the eclipses.
Incidentally, I put great confidence in the following things to bring life altering events, conjunctions and oppositions of Saturn to itself and personal planets, slow moving planets passing through the Sun or Moon signs, and eclipses.

At the guild meeting we asked each member to note an important event so that we could look to see if an eclipse happened.

One member had an eclipse happen very close to her Mars and 1st house ruler. This resulted in a trip to the emergency with a frightening but non-life threatening experience in a time frame close to the event. This is an example of the close view working.

Another member with a mutable T square involving the Sun, Mars, and Neptune experienced the unexpected death of a family member with many resulting problems. That year four eclipses happened in mutable signs. The closest eclipse in time happened the day after the death, but the closest in degree position, the same degree, happened the following September. The wide view would expect a big event when seeing many of the eclipses happening near the degrees in the natal T square. For the other eclipses in this case, we were looking at 3 and 4 degrees of separation. Here’s an event that included many events, a series of difficult events, shown by a series of eclipses.

Another elderly member of our group discovered that she was developing heart problems the year when there were eclipses on her Leo Moon, her Cap Sun, and in her 1st house. In terms of time, one eclipse happened 6 days after the event that took her to the hospital. In terms of degrees, the eclipses had orbs of 7 to 12 degrees.

You can see that I am choosing numerous eclipses happening in signs that contain important bodies over very close eclipses in time and position to one body. Both are important, but the former seem more meaningful. In other words, we note a series of eclipses happening in important signs and we see a series of related events.

Another member had a romantic obsession that distracted her for years. We found no eclipses of note. We did see his Taurus Venus opposing her Scorpio Mars and Saturn and his Saturn. And transiting Saturn was passing through Leo squaring these bodies during these distracted years.

Another member met her future husband, married and moved to an exotic place the year when eclipses were happening near her 7th house Moon, in her 1st, near her 1st house ruler, and very near her Descendant. Her only pregnancy happened with more eclipses on her 1st house ruler in this same series the next year.

Our youngest member with a series of eclipses in her 1 and 7th houses sought out helpful people to make important changes in her life.

I would conclude from this study that we know the more important signs in our charts and that we note when there will be series of eclipses in these signs. We can ecpect a series of events that will be important to us. How well the events go should be shown by how the planets involved are aspected in the birth chart. For an extreme example, planets in grand trines should bring good events and those in T squares should bring difficulties. And we should remember that the eclipses or those close to us can effect us also. This makes sense, we usually share some important placements with them.

So, if eclipses and series of eclipses happening in signs that are important for us bring important events, what can we do?

We need to be functioning well. Everything our loving parents taught us is important. The things that behavioral science teaches us are important. And Astrology adds to this. Here is a focused look at how each planet behaves when we are doing well.

Sun. We are managing our own lives while still respecting others.

Moon. We know how we feel, deal with it, and have strategies to be as happy as possible.

Mercury. We are focused on uplifting things, pursuing interests, and communicating well.

Venus. We love.

Mars. We take positive action.

Jupiter. We believe in wonderful things.

Saturn. We see reality clearly.

Uranus. We pursue fascinations and make discoveries.

Neptune. We pursue what mystifies us and have peak experiences.

Pluto. We draw in force and put forth a positive force.

Our own behavior is our defense. Sometimes things just happen to us. If we are functioning well, we can handle them better and our positive methods will bring on many good events.

Next month we’ll look at disasters including the shooting down of the Malaysian plane.

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