May ’20 Newsletter

From the Desk of Leslie Marlar, May ’20

For those who are local, S.T.A.R. Guild astrology study group meets on Tuesday, May 26th at the library in Cocoa at 308 Forrest at 6 pm in room 3. We will look at the nodes of the Moon in theory and in our charts. If the library is closed, we will continue having guild meetings with a group skype call.

In April, we looked at Venus in Gemini in our charts. Venus is there from April until August and this is a fine opportunity to watch and learn.

We also discussed the virus. Mid April did not end the virus, but it did take a turn then, with the curve flattening. And a reopening started in phases toward the end of April. Planets changing signs can show changes in events.

The Sun moving into Taurus on the 19th of April shows a positive change in finances and routines.

Mars moving out of Aquarius, where it was with Saturn, shows positive change in mid-May.

Late in June, Mars moves into Aries and stays until Jan. ’21. Both Mars and Aries are active and this shows us being very active. In the same time frame, Saturn moves back into Capricorn where Pluto and Jupiter are. So our active Mars in Aries squares these Capricorn planets and interjects interference into our activities. This can be lots of safety precautions. Also Saturn returning to Capricorn and Aquarius and engaging with planets there, can show round two. Jupiter comes to Pluto on Nov. 12th and Jupiter comes to Saturn in Aquarius on Dec. 21st. In Jan. ’21, planets in Taurus square planets in Aquarius. This is similar to April ’20 as we start going back to work.

Other events in April.

Early in April we had the Florida stay at home order and an advisory to wear masks. This is a reaction to the Mars Saturn conjunction on March 31st. Also huge job loses came from the virus which was associated with conjunctions in later March between Mars and Jupiter, Mars and Pluto, and Mars and Saturn. (The conjunctions of slow moving planets in Capricorn and Aquarius in’20, show new beginnings and huge changes in many areas, especially government, business, and global and people issues.) See a TMA article by Bill Herbst in the Feb/March ’20 issue. Also it isinteresting to see the actual planets in the sky. Jupiter, Saturn, & Mars are visible. In later March, Mars passed over each of them. If one looks now around 5 to 6 am, one can see Mars moving out of the area, it is leaving and not to return for 2 years as usual.

Sanders dropped out on the 8th which made Biden the candidate. Later that day the Moon was in Biden’s Sun sign. The Moon will be in Trump’s Sun sign on election day.

Trump stopped money to the W.H.O. on Apr. 14th with the Moon in deceptive Capricorn while an investigation is in progress to check into duplicity between China and the W.H.O.

On the 16th with the Moon in Aquarius with Saturn and Mars, a three phase program to reopen the country was announced. In the U.S. chart, the Moon is in Aquarius; the Moon represents the people in a country’s chart and Aquarius is a people sign. The presence of Saturn and Mars shows the cautions and dangers noted in the plan.

Most of the events in April were about the virus which started late last year with a conjunction between Saturn and Pluto. The virus was in the forefront for us this past month with the later March conjunctions mentioned above.

It is interesting to note that Saturn is currently in very early Aquarius. This is where the Moon is in the 1949 China chart. My sense is that we are turning against them and will want justice. Justice for us could be lose for them. For example, we may be manufacturing many more of our crucially needed products.

In May, I will be happy to see Mars leaving Aquarius because that position can mean trouble for people. Also the Sun in weeks 1, 2, and 3 and Mercury until the 11th in Taurus may promote money.

Venus and Mercury (11 to 28) in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces shows our imaginations, ideals, and possibly deceit more active.

Venus in Gemini from April until August, including a retrograde period, shows money and social events somewhat restricted. Cities are classified under Gemini and we can see a need for more time to get things back to normal.

Full Moon in Scorpio on the 5th and 6th show focus on intensity and money.

New Moon in Gemini on the 22nd, 23rd, and much of the 24th brings a new perspective for us.

Fairly good days in May are: 2, 10, 11, 17, 23, 24, & 25.

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