Oct ’14 S.T.A.R. Guild Report

S.T.A.R. Guild Report, Oct. 28th ’14 Meeting

At this meeting we looked at our progressions and the contest between Crist and Scott.

Let’s start with the election. I’ve set up a chart for the polls opening in D.C. for the election chart because this election could effect the entire country.
In this chart Jupiter (elephant) is in Leo near the MC and a 6th house Aries Moon is applying to trine it. The Sun and Venus are in Scorpio and Saturn (donkey) is near the Scorpio Ascendant. How appropriate for Saturn and Jupiter to be square in a battle between Democrats and Republicans. The elevated Jupiter and the trine from the people, the Moon, suggests that the republicans will do well.
For Crist and Scott, I compared the last time either won gubernatorial election to this Tuesday’s contest. When Crist won in ’06, Neptune was on his Aquarian Moon, Jupiter was on his Scorpio Saturn. And Saturn was on his Leo Pluto. These three were stimulating his natal T square. This time Saturn is on his Saturn, Jupiter is on his Pluto, and nothing is on his Moon. His chart seems more active in the campaign than afterwards. Scott had Jupiter and Uranus in the 4th trine transiting Mercury in Scorpio and he had the beginning of his Libra Saturn return. This time nothing catches my attention, although Saturn is where Mercury was last time. But by inauguration time, Saturn will be in his Sun sign. This shows his chart to be more active after the campaign. So, I’ll call it for Scott.

For S.T.A.R. Guild member’s progressed charts, let’s look at the progressed Moon.

Member1. The Moon rules her 6th house. Her progressed Moon is in the 12th square her natal Mars. She is successfully dealing with an important health problem.

Member 2. Her elderly mother died when the progressed Moon was 2 degrees past her natal Sun. All that knew the mother felt that she was reunited with her late husband.

Member 3. This octogenarian is having her progressed lunar return which has been connecting while in this sign with 7 planets. She is having health problems and diminished energy.

Member 4. This person has the progressed Moon in the 7th and is interacting with a consciousness exploring group.

Member 5. This nonogenarian with the progressed Moon 1.5 degrees past her natal Sun could not remember anything out of the ordinary, but at this time all things are difficult.

Member 6. This individual has had the progressed Moon passing through her 1st house where it has aspected 7 planets. She has been giving special care to northern properties.
S.T.A.R. Guild’s progressed Moon is in the 12th house past a conjunction with Neptune. In recent weeks we did a program on the Monroe Institute and Robert Monroe. Also transiting Jupiter is in the 7th starting the passage over our 9 planets above the horizon. And the progressed Mercury is on natal Moon and natal Uranus. I think we have some umph left.

Next month at the Nov. 25th meeting, we’ll look at Saturn going into Sagittarius and how this shift affects us and the world. We’ll do the progressions of October’s absentees. Incidentally, one of ours brought up Ebola being associated now with Saturn in Scorpio. All agreed. When Saturn shifts into Sag, maybe the worst will be over. And let’s share any events that we experienced around he October eclipses, the 8th and the 23rd.


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