S.T.A.R. Guild Report Sept. ’15

S.T.A.R. Guild Report Sept. ’15 Meeting
We met in September and looked at charts to see wealth factors. We followed a pattern established by studying 7 very rich people. We will continue to do this next month. What we saw in ourselves was less than the established pattern. That’s no surprise. But what do we do with that information? How do we fill in what is missing? We can capitalize on what we have and choose to develop what we don’t have. Let’s look at our list of factors.

All of our rich charts had a conjunction of a planet to the Sun. (Sometimes it was out of sign.) We can make ourselves more solar by being more vital, developing self esteem, and studying success. Depak Chopra says to note your talents and then find a way to serve by using them.
6 Charts out of 7 had active Mars very personally involved in the chart. Trump has Mars conjunct the Ascendant. Stewart has Mars in Aries as her 1st house ruler. Buffet has Mars opposing his Ascendant. Gates has Mars oppose his Moon, 1st house ruler. King has Mars on the Ascendant. Romney has Mars in conjunction with his Mercury, 1st house ruler. We may have 7 our of 7. Oprah has Mars within 11 degrees of her Moon that is in the 1st. We can develop a lifestyle that promotes energy.
6 of the 7 had a conjunction to Venus. We can be attractive and socially active.
5 of the 7 had a conjunction to Pluto.
Trump did not have this but he had Pluto in the 1st house. We can learn to operate in a group and develop our dynamism.
5 of the 7 have a trine involving Jupiter. In Stewart’s case , she has Sun trine Mars and Jupiter is sextile to both. We can interact within the community and be generous with our gifts.
5 of the 7 had a Jupiter/Saturn major aspect. We can study business and finance.
5 of the 7 had a planet conjunct the MC. We can promote ourselves.
6 or the 7 had a planet or angle on the nodal axis. We can determine what we want our mission to be.
The number of planets or points in cardinal signs varied. Here are the numbers: Romney 1, Stewart 2,Oprah 2, Trump 5, King 6, Gates 6, and Buffet 8.
All had a planet in the 1st or 7th or in a close conjunction or opposition with the Ascendant or Descendant. We can seek out people and develop relationships.
All of our charts had a luck factor. These factors were each different but all involved trines between some of the important factors in the chart like luminaries, Jupiter, the 1st house ruler or planets, the 2nd house ruler or planets, houses or planets that represent their area of success, and the MC or 10 house planets. This one is difficult. Trines between planets show harmony between those things that the planets represent. It suggests that we need to make harmonious connections in our thinking and behavior that relates all planets to each other. Finally note what the planets a chart show coming to a person, that is, see what is coming from planets to the first house and its rulers. The person lacking this, may have to create situations where things and people come to them.
Elvis has been added to our group of wealthy individuals. Thanks to one of our members for bringing him in. He does not have the following items in our list: Mars connected to the first house, no trine to Jupiter, no conjunction to Pluto, no planets in the 1st or 7th, or conjunct Asc or Desc.

We need to bring in mutual reception and disposition to see the connections that we seem to be missing.

chart elvis

Elvis has the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in the 2nd opposing Pluto in the 8th, 4 planets in money houses. Pluto is obviously powerfully represented. Jupiter, his 1st house ruler, is in mutual reception with Pluto; so he is brought into this mix. Mars in Libra is in mutual reception with Venus in Capricorn and this brings energy into the mix. No trine to Jupiter exists, but others lack it also. Now 3 of the 8 have no trine to Jupiter.
So we will continue and learn more.

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