S.T.A.R. Guild Sep 23, ’14 Report

S.T.A.R. Guild Report Sept. 23rd Meeting

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We had a small but wonderful meeting and covered most of what we had planned. If you were not there, you were missed. And due to modern technological miracles, you can share in what we looked at.

It has been requested that this messy Pisces stop scandalizing members by writing on the board. In the future you will receive any chart that I am going to present in your email. In other words, less board work and more handouts. These were supplied last night and the result sped up the study process and created a nice intimate study setting.

We selected the Kobe Japan Quake as one of our disasters because it is a classic. Note the Full Moon in Cancer in the 7th opposing the Sun in the 1st which is between Neptune and Uranus. All of this squares the M.C. Mars is moving to oppose Saturn, ruler of the 1st. This may show a longer aftermath as opposed to a closer opposition. These two square Jupiter and Venus. One of our group noted a theory that quakes happen when the nodes are passing over a previous eclipse point. In this case, this checked out. We’ll be watching in Dec. when the nodes are at 15 Libra/Aries after the eclipse on Oct 8th at 15 Aries.

The Sewol Ferry disaster is a heartbreaking event that took the lives of many young people and involved errors of the crew.

In the depature chart, we see a Full Moon in Libra in the unfortunate 12th. Mars is also in Libra and in the grand cross involving itself, Pluto, Uranus, Mercury, and Jupiter. Pluto and Mars rule the 1st. Saturn is close to the Ascendant and some of the problems that lead to the capsizing were caused by the ferry leaving late and trying to make up time. Venus and Neptune are vacationing in the youthful 5th house but also have a terminal quality because they are near the I.C. See how the wholesign system works to combine houses, in this case, 4 and 5. In the wholesign and the equal systems the MC and IC
are not necessarily in the 10th and 4th.

In the capsizing chart, Mercury rules the 1st and is still in the grand cross and closer to opposing Mars. Mars is in the 5th showing difficulties for the young. The Moon is now in Scorpio, making its approach to Saturn. It is many degrees away and the aftermath lasted a long time. Neptune and Venus are at the top of the chart and show a news event.

Malaysia Flight 17 was shot down over the Ukraine. In the departure chart from Amsterdam, Libra is rising and the Ascendant is moving toward Mars. There is a promise of a Mars event. Mars is with Spica, who is, according to Ebertin, like Venus and Mars. The Sun is in a strong square with Mars and the Aries Moon is squaring Mercury and moving toward joining unexpected Uranus, and then to a Last Quarter with the Sun.

In the crash chart, Mars rules the 1st from the unfortunate, secretive 12th. And Saturn is very close to the Ascendant. These two in Scorpio aptly describe the horror of the crash scene.

We did not get to astrology software. I used the Local Times website to check my time data for the crash scene. What Software Do You Have and Do You Like It?

This disaster data can be depressing to some. In astrology it is the extreme events that show especially good correspondences. So, disaster charts are very instructive.

On a happier note, S.T.A.R. Guild is having its Saturn Return. Comments and actions by various members have lead to our improving our presentation methods AND we now have a facebook page. This puts us on the social media landscape. You can find us at star guild astrology study group. Typing in star or star guild or astrology should get you there. Incidentlally, we could not use the star letters followed by periods. So, please visit, post, upload photos, comment, and like. AND, what are your suggestions to improve our group? See the star guild chart on facebook.

Florida Today has changed the location that advertises club meetings. Please watch for our release and let me know where you see it.

Finally, next month we will look at progressions, especially the Moon, but feel free to improvise.

I’ll be giving a talk on the Hidden Talents as Shown in Your Horoscope at Aquarian Dreams in Indialantic on Sep 27th at 1030 am.


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