Feb. ’19 Guild Meeting Report

Feb. ’19 S.T.A.R. Guild Meeting Report

We met at the library and looked at a number of things.

We started with what the St. Pete astrology group and the South Florida group have been doing.

I showed an 8 year old’s chart along with his recent appendectomy surgery chart. He is Cancer rising with a Leo Moon. On the night of the surgery the Moon was in Cancer and the Ascendant of the surgery chart was on his Moon. Transiting Mars & Uranus were at the top of the chart. The transiting Moon was squaring transiting Uranus and the Ascendant was trining it. Transiting Neptune is very near the boy’s natal Mars.

Next Justices Ginsburg and Kavanaugh were viewed. He has Venus, Mercury, and the Sun in Aquarius with Mercury and the Sun square Jupiter and Neptune.

She has Venus and the Sun in Pisces oppose Mars, Neptune, Jupiter in Virgo. Her Moon is square Saturn and her mother died in her youth.

It is interesting that both justices have a Sun Jupiter aspect. Jupiter is about judging. And Kavanaugh had Mars in Aquarius during the Ford/ Kavanaugh hearings. Ginsburg had Mars in Pisces when she had her cancer surgery.

Finally we looked at A.O.C. She has made such a splash and she has Mercury, Mars, and the Sun in Libra, Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune in Capricorn, the Moon in Aries, and Jupiter in Cancer. So she has a grand cross in cardinal signs. She also has Venus in Sagittarius; along with the Aries Moon this shows her zeal. I’ll be looking to see if the grand cross shows that many people are against her. Time will tell and instruct us in the meaning of the grand cross for her.

We had no birth time on the justices. And have no information of whether a Sagittarius Ascendant is correct for Cortez.
Our newer members asked questions throughout our program.
Next month with the start of the astrological year in spring, we will look Ptolemy style at the lunation nearest the equinox. This will be the Libra Full Moon on the 20th. We will view a couple more justices and revisit our Venus project. www.lesliemarlar.com

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