Trump & Putin

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Trump & Putin

Putin has the Sun, Saturn, Neptune, and Mercury in Libra in the 12th square Uranus. This makes him unpredictable and a KGB guy. His Moon is in smart, and sometimes duplicitous, Gemini in the secretive 8th house, more KGB. His Ascendant and his Venus are in Scorpio. And Pluto is very close to his MC. Here are four counts for secrecy. He may be an interesting character and even charming, but let’s not trust him. Jupiter is in his 7th in Taurus bringing money and luck to him; Mars is in his 2nd, bringing trouble with money to him.

Putin’s Jupiter is on Trump’s Midheaven. This benefits Trump’s reputation. And Trump’s public life may bring wealth to Putin.
Trump’s Mars is on Putin’s Midheaven. This brings trouble to Putin’s public life and Putin’s public position affects trump personally, since Mars is near Trump’s Ascendant. Putin’s Mars is near Trump’s Moon and opposes his Sun. This energizes and stresses Trump. And this may work both ways.
Putin’s Libra planets are near Trump’s Jupiter which should benefit both somewhat. The presence of these planets in Putin’s 12 restricts any benefit. The presence of Saturn on Trump’s Jupiter limits benefit for Trump. I think the benefit for Trump is greater because Trump’s Jupiter trines his Sun and sextiles his Moon. Also, Jupiter in Trump’s 3rd is square planets in his 12th in Cancer. This suggest that the KGB and the CIA are busier than usual on both sides.
Trump’s Sun is in Gemini and Putin’s Moon is in Gemini. This could give a close relationship except that the bodies are not too close.
Obama’s Moon is very close to Putin’s. They may have been able to read each others minds. Or we could say that their minds were in the same place. This can give an inexplicable sense of closeness. Obama’s Sun and Uranus were fairly close to Putin’s Midheaven. This gave power and also unpredictable energies to Putin’s Midheaven or public life.

Here are some final notes. As Scorpio rising, Putin has Pluto and Mars as his rulers. His Pluto is very close to the Midheaven, showing his elevated social position. Mars is in Sagittarius; this is him bare chested on the horse.
In conclusion, I stress the presence of Putin’s Jupiter on Trump’s Midheaven and Trump’s Mars on Putin’s Midheaven. The former is good and the latter is not. So, if the two play golf, trump should win.

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