The Charts of Sept. 11

The Charts of 9/11
written on 9/11/18

chart U.S.   chart united depart                   chart plane to n tower

chart plane to s tower   chart plane to pentagon

chart crash somerset       charts towers collapse

When we look at the charts associated with 9/11 we find reasonable themes running through them.

We start with the birth chart of the U.S.

We see the Ascendant, Uranus, and Mars in Gemini in the 1st house. The transiting opposition of Saturn and Pluto was cutting across this on that day. So extreme loss came to us personally. We have Venus, Jupiter, the Sun, and Mercury in Cancer in the 2nd. And Pluto in Capricorn opposes Mercury. (Yes we are rich.) Jupiter was in Cancer on our Sun; this was an attack by religious people. And Mars was starting its opposition of these planets by opposing Venus from the 2nd degree of Capricorn. Our Saturn is in Libra in the 5th. That day the planes crashed into the towers, the pentagon and the ground at Somerset, Pa. with Mercury rising in Libra conjunct our Saturn. Here is a focus on air transportation bringing us loss. Uranus was within 4 degrees of our Aquarius Moon, showing the great shock and surprise. Throughout the attacks the Moon was in late Gemini. It was still affected by the transiting Saturn Pluto opposition and it was conjunct our Mars and squaring our Neptune in Virgo. This was an attack beyond our imagination.
When the south tower fell, the last few minutes of Libra were rising. When the north tower fell, death sign, Scorpio was rising.

Mayor Giuliani has the Sun, Uranus, Saturn, and the MC in Gemini, showing his personal involvement. The Moon was on his Saturn that morning. And the date for the ribbon cutting of the World Trade Center shows Saturn in Gemini. The Towers and Giuliani were having their Saturn return.

If you use the Sagittarius rising U.S. Chart, and you use a whole sign house system, much of this will be very similar, due to the connection between opposite signs.

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