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Historic Orion Launch

Here on the east coast of central Florida we love our space program. On Dec. 4th ’14 an attempt was made to launch Orion at 7:05 am; it did not fly. On the 5th at the same time it went and performed in all categories. To astrologers, who study the quality of time, failed launch attempts and successful launches present an opportunity to test our theories. If these theories hold up we are in a position to select good times to assure success.

Betty Flowe and I are currently studying the astrology of SpaceX launches, but we could not resist these first two events for Orion.

We can compare and contrast the two charts of the 4th and the 5th. The charts are very similar with the same Ascendant or rising point. What is different is the Moon. On the 4th, the Moon was in the fixed earth sign, Taurus. It was involved in a good “trine” with Mars in the earth sign, Capricorn. It was also in an “opposition” to Saturn, and a “square” to Jupiter. Squares and oppositions interfer with successful outcomes, trines promote. All launch attempts on the 4th failed. The Moon went into the air sign, Gemini at 1:45 am on the 5th.

On the 5th The Gemini Moon was just past the opposition with Saturn, well past the square with Jupiter and still trine to Mars. But Mars had also changed its position and had entered the air sign, Aquarius. So when the vehicle launched, the tense planetary relationships, aspects, were gone and the Moon and Mars had entered air signs. This sounds like a successful launch. The sky map, horoscope, that these events happened under, does not necessarily cause the events. It does correspond to them. Astrologers look at this relationship as non causal synchronous events.

We have seen in these two Orion events that an earth sign Taurus Moon did not work. And when we check our SpaceX launches and attempts, since Apr. 14th, we see no successes under a Taurus Moon. We do find a failed attempt with a Taurus Moon on June 22nd and a failed attempt on Aug. 5th with a Taurus Ascendant. The rocket went later that day with a Cancer Ascendant.

Aside from the Moon comparisons, the charts on both days were beautiful. The Sun in the traveling sign Sagittarius was very near the rising point in Sag and trine to the techie planet, Uranus, and trine to the traveling planet, Jupiter. This first launch is a wonderful omen for this program.

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