S.T.A.R. Guild Feb. ’15 Report

S.T.A.R. Guild Feb. 24th Meeting Report

We have been taking our time with various planetary sign and house positions and their dispositors. Last night we looked at the Moon sign and its dispositor. We also looked at the Rising sign and its dispositor for those who were absent earlier.

Our nonogenarian has a Leo Moon in the 2nd, ruler of the first, and a Capricorn Sun. She notes that she has wanted to act with flare but is influenced by convention. (She did own a T-bird.) She is our WW2 nurse who later worked in industrial health. She has been careful with money in her life.

One particularly pretty Sun in Libra member has Aquarius rising with Saturn and Uranus in Taurus in the whole sign 4th. (In a quadrant chart they are close to the IC.) She was born with a bone missing in her leg that resulted in a serious but manageable condition. She also worked in the space program. Her Moon is also in Taurus and disposed by Venus in Scorpio. I wanted to know the life and death issues she dealt with. In the space program, she worked in Life Support.

Our octogenarian Pisces has Aquarius rising with Saturn with Venus in Capricorn in the 12th and Uranus in Aries with the Moon. She has 7 cardinal planets. She got into Astrology on Long Island and had the opportunity to go to lectures and classes with leaders in the field. She did practice and teach and was a member of many astrological organizations. She associates Mars in Cancer disposing her Moon with her many surgeries.

Our Russian born member has Virgo rising and Mercury in Taurus in the 9th. She has adopted a foreign land and gotten a master’s degree. Her Aquarius 6th house Moon is disposed by Saturn in Scorpio with Mars in the 3rd and Uranus in Sag in the 4th. Her degree is associated with communications and some IT. She’s also a Gemini. Transiting Pluto is on her Jupiter in the 5th and she is pregnant and looking beautiful.

Next month on March 24th, at 6pm at the Cocoa library, we will continue along this vein and add Venus and Mars.

I’ll be teaching a class at Aquarian Dreams in Indialantic on Saturday, March 21st at 1:30 pm. We’ll be noting words, phrases, and images that express the essence of the planets and signs in order to understand the horoscope.

I’ll be doing astrology mini readings at Book and Bead in Merritt Island on Sunday, March 15th, from 10 to 4.


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