S.T.A.R. Guild Report Oct. ’13

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S.T.A.R. Guild follow up.


We had a fun meeting on 10/22/13 and missed those who where not there. I thought I’d bring you up to speed on what we did.


We never got to the meaning of each supernatural symbol in the chart. For example, just what does Pisces, or Pluto, or Uranus represent in the chart that is not earthly. We could do that in Nov.


We did look at Edgar Allen Poe. And we compared and contrasted Jeanne Dixon and Isabel Hickey. These charts are all on astrodatabank. I will try to attach charts.


Edgar Allen Poe. He had a rocky start with theatrical parents dying or leaving. A John Allen took him and had him educated in good English schools. He also went to U. of Virginia and eventually made some money selling stories or reviews. 1845 was his best year, the year Raven came out. He made $14 from it. The better things were, the more he drank, partied, and quarelled. (After he died, he was such a victim of character assassination that it took a while to sort out his biography. ) A handfull of poems written in the 1840’s made him famous.

Years earlier he married Virginia, his 13 year old cousin, who he loved. And when she died, he never got over it.

Poetry was his passion and he felt that it must appeal to one’s sense of beauty not to truth. His chart is the Ascendant with Uranus in Scorpio and Venus, Moon Pluto and Jupiter in Pisces. Note the 1st house rulers, Mars in Libra in the 12th and Pluto in Pisces, the house and sign of sorrow.

Scorpio rising, Mars in the 12th, and Pluto with the Moon is certainly spooky enough to explain the nature of his writings. And Venus and the Moon with Pluto shows the death of women. The Piscean grouping is certainly his poetry and art. (Bio data partly from the Norton Anthology of American Lit)


Next topic. We noted that Edgar Casey had a bunch of planets in Pisces, Mercury, Saturn. Venus, and Sun, and Neptune with the Moon.


Isabel Hickey who is noted as an astrologer and noted for being psychic also has Neptune with the Moon. And she has a grand cross with Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto in mutable signs. She also has a Leo sun trine Uranus. That covers astrology and psychism.


Jeanne Dixon has A wide opposition between the Sun and Neptune. A mutable T square containing Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto with Pluto in her 1st. And she has the Moon trine Uranus. Did she “pick things up” with her body due to Pluto in the 1st.






























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