Jan ’18 Newsletter

From the Desk of Leslie Marlar, Jan. 2018

For those of you who are local, S.T.A.R, Guild Astrology study group will meet on Tuesday, Jan. 23rd at 6 pm at the main library in Cocoa, 308 Forrest Ave. The meeting is free and open to all who are interested in Astrology. We will be looking at Jupiter in Scorpio, Uranus going into Taurus, and Saturn in Capricorn. We have two eclipses to note, one in late January and the other in mid-February. We will be noting the effects of these things in the world and in our charts.

In December, we had our Christmas party and we all survived.

Here are some December events.

On December 1, Flynn pleaded guilty when the Moon was in Taurus, the MC sign of Trump. On the 3rd we heard of FBI agent, Strzok’s removal from the Russian collusion case. Here the Moon was in Trump’s Sun sign, Gemini.
For the 1st half of the month fires raged in Ca. while the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn were in fire sign, Sagittarius.
On the 9th, with a Virgo Moon, Iraq said that the military war with ISIS was over. Mars changed sign this day and the Sun and 3 planets were in the enemy 7th of the U.S. horoscope.
With a Libra Moon conjunct Saturn in the U.S. chart on the 12th, Moore lost and democrat Jones was elected in Alabama. Saturn is important because it rules the government point, MC.

On the 17th with the Moon in travel sign Sagittarius, the Atlanta airport had an 11 hour power outage and on the 18th, a train derailed in Dupont Wa. Mercury, Venus, the Ascendant, Sun, and Saturn were in the 1st wholesign house in Sagittarius in the chart for the event. And Saturn was between the late Sag Sun and the early Capricorn Moon.
It was noted under Moon in business sign, Capricorn that the Dow was up 5000 points in ’17. And with the Moon in Aquarius, Reagan’s Sun sign and the country’s Moon sign, the tax bill was signed. Jupiter is in tax sign, Scorpio.
My favorite event in December happened a couple of hours after the perfection of Venus trine Uranus. Tucker Carlson interviewed one of the military pilots who saw a UFO in ’04 in flight and shows the film. Many saw the craft in various places that day. These pilots were participating in a military project started by Harry Reid. “I want to believe”.

In January and beyond, we are watching some planets to see their effects on us. Jupiter has been in Scorpio since Oct. This connects Jupiter things with Scorpio things. Jupiter is improvement, law, and judging. Scorpio is sex, taxes, death and transformation. Mars is also in Scorpio from week 2 of Dec. until late Jan. and it charges up and assaults Jupiter. Recent home and restaurant fires and attacks on churches are an expression of this conjunction. Also, Mars is trouble and energy; Jupiter is those at the top. There should be important events for them. They conjunct on the 6th. We are watching.

Uranus will leave Aries and go into Taurus in mid-May and go back into Aries in early Nov. Uranus is change and Taurus is money. The last time Uranus, planet of unexpected events, changed sign in ’11, it went from water to fire. We had the earthquake in the ocean, the tsunami, and the meltdown of the Japanese nuclear plant. This time it’s fire to earth. Sounds like a volcano.

Saturn went into Capricorn in late Dec. Saturn is very strong in Cap because they are similar. Both are associated with ambition and goals. We will want to note that Pluto is already in Cap and Mars will be there for quite a while this year. From mid-March until mid-Nov., Mars will be in Capricorn or Aquarius. When in Capricorn we will have an impressive Mars, Saturn, Pluto combo.

Full Moon on the 1st and 2nd in domestic Cancer contrasts public life and private life.
New Moon in business sign, Capricorn late on the 14th, the 15th and 16th is a new start with goals. A second Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in playful Leo on the afternoon of the 30th and the 31st contrasts personal versus group power.

I’ll be at Book & Bead doing Astrology mini readings on Jan. 20th.
And I’ll be teaching a class on the Astrology of 2018 at Aquarian Dreams in Indialantic on Saturday, the 27th of Jan. at 11:00. Please call Cheri at 321 729 9495 and email me or call me.

Call me anytime if you need services.

Please note my Sun Sign column on my site and my piece on each sign.


And Happy New Year!

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