S.T.A.R. Guild Oct ’15 Report

S.T.A.R. Guild Report, October ’15 Meeting

We met in such a large room at the library that we felt like putting on a play.

The topic was our continuing to look at wealth and success in our charts based on the factors that we saw in the charts of the extremely wealthy. We realized that we are looking at wealth and success.

At this point, we are trying to note what we should do if we do not have the factors seen in our rich group. We may have a lesser factor like an lesser aspect that we can strengthen.

If there is no conjunction to the Sun, we have to find a way to build confidence. Also, there may be a lesser aspect to the Sun that we can work.

If Mars, representing energy and drive, is not associated with the first house, we need to adopt a lifestyle that increases energy and ask ourselves if something drives us. If we are ill, we must seek health or accept limits.

If there is no conjunction to Venus, we need to increase our social contacts. A lesser aspect may help.

No conjunction to Pluto needs to be approached by increasing interaction in groups.

No trine involving Jupiter, requires more harmonious interaction with the community.

No Jupiter/Saturn connection might be replaced by studying business and finance. There are plenty of books on the topic.

No conjunction to the MC requires that we promote ourselves.

No planet along the nodal axis could be helped by our searching for our mission.

No planet in the 1st or 7th requires seeking out and valuing people and contacts.

No luck factor which is an expression of harmony, requires that we harmonize our thoughts and feelings to draw good things to us.

I have concluded that the amassing of wealth and the accomplishment of success require energy, drive, action, interaction, and harmony. And lesser expressions of the factors that we have should be utilized. Next month we will look at dictators. Let’s start looking for them and studying them. www.lesliemarlar.com

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