The Aquarian Age

From the Mystical Body of Christ to the Bridge of the Star ship Enterprise.
By Leslie Marlar, Feb 2017

I’ve been watching the political turmoil in the world and in the U.S. and assigning most of it to the square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus is progressive and its presence in Aries gives its ideas and devotees new life. Capricorn is traditional. If you want proof of this, please note that Hannity has several planets in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn can destroy or infuse with energy.

I think we can call the left progressive and the right traditional. During the presidency of Barak Obama the left came into power. He has the Ascendant and Jupiter in Aquarius. The response of the people to this in the latest election was to elect Donald Trump who has sided with the right. Trump has a massive structure in the sign of traditional power, Leo. This is his Ascendant near Mars and the star, Regulus.

At this point the country is evenly divided. The right is smiling uncontrollably and the left has taken to the streets. But there is something more going on astrologically that is easy to overlook despite the fact that it overshadows all.

My first insight was that the left does not like tradition. They do not appear to like these things: the Bible, the 10 commandments, the Constitution, Caucasians, men, men in power, Christians, the Church, the traditional family,  extreme success and wealth, and Republicans. The right likes these things. The left seems to like: knowledge, social justice, humanity, positive human qualities, human and civil rights, equity, diversity, cross culturalism, and a global perspective.

If you look at these lists carefully, you may note that there is nothing here that is inherently bad.
And that is the hint. The trouble that we are seeing is the tumultuous shift from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. These ages and their perspectives take time to bring their changes. And we know that change can be confusing and disruptive. In Astrology, we have the advantage; we know what is going on.
What might we do to improve the natural or possibly supernatural shift of one age to another.
We can honestly look at the past and learn from it. We can note the good and the bad. The dark ages and the inquisition were bad. Let’s not do that again. The notion of union with God is splendid, let’s keep that.

We can look forward to an improved future while carefully creating it. Some day there will probably be an earth federation, but we are not there yet and should not pretend that we are. Each sign has good and bad and we are always challenged to make good choices. The reason we have law is because we frequently don’t make good choices.
So far in this shift to the Aquarian, we have had two world wars and we have created weapons that can destroy all of humanity. On the positive side, we have new knowledge, marvelous inventions, and we all know the whole world and its people.
So, let’s try this in the present. Lat’s have some respect for tradition. We can soften and humanize it where necessary. And let’s be optimistic about a great future filled with great educated people who are creating it.

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