April ’17 S.T.A.R. Guild Meeting Report

S.T.A.R. Guild April 25 ’17 Meeting Report

We had our April meeting at the Cocoa library and looked at the charts of our members using our laptop and library audio visual equipment. Transitting Mars and Saturn were our targets and we discussed them. Naturally members brought up additional concerns and the answers seemed to be in upcoming changes of sign of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. These changes also end the cardinal T square. The ending of the T square and later of the Uranus Pluto square show a change and the change of sign of slow moving planets shows a change. And when those planets are moving into signs containing the Sun, Moon, or an angle of the chart in question, the details of the changing condition become obvious. It is no small thing to see the changes coming in a person’s life. And one can make the best of the situation by pursuing certain things, avoiding certain things, and developing a good mind set relative to the planets involved.

In the Church of Light we use a number of methods to get good results. 1. We change our environment if necessary; for example, fixing things before they fall apart . 2. We use rallying forces; this is focusing on something good happening in our charts. 3. We convert negative aspects to their harmonious conterpart. For example, we try to make a Mercury square Saturn into a Mercury trine Saturn through changes in thought and behavior. 4. We use planetary antidotes. For a negative Saturn, depression, we do Venus, fun, and the Sun, vital activities. 5. We apply character vibes. If our Sun is good, we wear gold. It we want to stimulate a good Taurus, we eat spinach. 6. We use affirmations. 7. We use imagery. There is plenty to do to improve our lot and the planets involved set the focus.

Our becoming a meetup did result in increased attendance.

Next month on May 23rd we will continue the Mars and Saturn look and play an astrology game.

I’ll be doing Astrology mini readings at the Psychic Fair at Book & Bead in Merritt Island on May 13th.

Call if you need me.


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