Ruling your Stars or Priests of the Force

Ruling Your Stars or Priests of the Force 5/3/14


I have a special notebook. In it entries are made when I or someone else have an event that truly corresponds to activity in their horoscopes. So if someone who deals with depression has more of that when Saturn is opposing their Moon, I note it.


The other day I felt the force of the heavens in a poignant way. There was an annular solar eclipse in Taurus very close to my Ascendant. The Ascendant may be the single most important point in one’s horoscope. It defines the person and an eclipse here means that “this eclipse is for you”.


In the event I experienced, someone was chosen over me for something. (I’m withholding some information.) In addition to this, in the same time frame, I came across some paper work that was about this same type of event that happened years ago. I was eclipsed by others. It does not feel good when this happens. As an astrologer, I always look to the heavens to see what’s going on. In other words, some of the steam of the event is siphoned off by the intellectual activity of looking for stellar correspondents to the event.

I personally felt the force of the heavens with this event. Although, things that I did or did not do over time could have changed the event, there was no power on my part over the event when it happened. How we respond to events as they are happening and afterward has a big effect on our happiness and success in life. For example, learning from failure is a great boon for success. Anything that we can learn about good responses from any quarter is good for us.


The event changed for me from a personal affront to the experience of being affected by this heavenly force. Now I’m in my own ball park.


The question is, and this question goes way back for us humans, “what is behind this force?”

I know that it was an astrological force because the eclipse hit me in such an important part of my chart. But who or what is behind it?


It is certainly possible that God exists and that He works through the sky. John refers to this in Revelations when he notes that the living creatures, the Bull, the Lion. the Eagle, and the Man, surround the throne of god. These creatures are the fixed signs of the zodiac and imply that God works through all of the signs. So we could pray to get relief from the heavens. Or it may be that angels are behind the motions of the planets, as Aquinas thought, and pray to them. (They would intercede for us.) Or it may be a pantheon of gods who are behind events that we experience. Think of the

Greek gods or the Roman gods, or the Indian gods. These believers would have many methods of honoring the gods. We can see ourselves over time trying to reach up for help. And all of these force mitigating views have their priests.

What if we focus on the heavenly force. We can keep God in the picture if you like.


Our astrology has gotten better over the years, 1000’s of years. And groups like the Church of Light focus on ways of dealing with the force. This is not new. Indians have their methods. (I’ll be looking for this.) And Marsilio Facino in Renaissance Florence wrote about his methods.


Here is our dealing with the force method.


Improve your own personal environment. This could be improving health or making yourself more marketable. The list is almost endless.


Focus on “Rallying Forces”. This is about focusing on what is good in your chart and going there. So, if you’ve got a nice Mercury, do more studying. For a nice Venus, do some art. If there are harmonious bodies in Virgo; work, serve, and volunteer.


Do Conversion. This means that you note a difficult planetary relationship in your chart, birth chart or updated chart, and do things as if that relationship were harmonious. So if Venus is squaring Mars in your chart, instead of going out and capturing an STD, create beauty in any way.


Do Antidotes. This is alchemical. If your Mercury is taking a hit as in dark thoughts, be more Jupiter, more optimistic. If your Venus is overly sensitive to slights, be confident like the Sun.


Apply Character Vibrations. Here’s the Marsilio part. Every planet and sign corresponds to a group of things. Planets have their own color, metal, tone, number, flower, letter, set of thoughts, vitamins, types of music, and therapeutic methods. For example, Jupiter’s things are: number 5, letter E, color purple, tone A, metal tin, flower dahlia, optimistic thoughts and faith, hymns, sulphur, and a proper diet. Each sign is associated with a number, a color, a letter, a tone, herbs, and a gem. To stimulate a sign or planet, surround yourself with the things of that planet or sign. But make sure that the planet is harmonious in your chart or you will draw in trouble. Yes, there is some disagreement on who rules what among different groups. This is very complicated but is colors the entire environment with stellar magic.


Do Affirmations. (I’m smart enough, I’m nice enough, and dog gone it, people like me.) State what you want your reality to be and do this often.


Do Imagery. View the images of the reality that you want in your life.

May a good force be with you! p.s. Astrologers are Priests of the Force.


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