S.T.A.R. Guild Report Sept. ’17 Meeting

S.T.A.R. Guild Sept. ’17 Report         chart harvey landfall

chart irma cudjoe landfall            irma marco landfall

chart mex ’17 quake                    chart maria landfall

The Guild met at the Cocoa library. We had a nice turnout. I forgot to send greetings from Ellen and Barbara to the group. So please consider it done. We were busy studying the charts of recent disasters. Here is what we found.

Hurricane Harvey’s landfall chart has a cardinal grand cross in angular houses. Aries was rising with Uranus, Pluto was at the Midheaven, and the Moon and Jupiter were descending. This shows plenty of activity in angular weather houses. The Sun and Mercury were starting to oppose wet Neptune in wet Pisces. And the hurricane landed 4 days after the solar eclipse in Leo.

The chart of Irma’s landfall in Cudjoe Key has cardinal signs in angular houses. Libra is rising with Jupiter, Pluto is in the 4th, and the Moon and Uranus are descending. The Virgo Sun is oppose Neptune and square Saturn.

The Marco Island landfall chart has Capricorn rising with Pluto. Uranus is in the 4th and Jupiter is with the Midheaven. The Moon is in early Taurus with Uranus in late Aries. The Sun is oppose Neptune and square Saturn. p.s. The Florida chart has Mars in Sag.

The chart for the Mexico City quake has Sagittarius rising with Saturn which squares a New Moon at the Midheaven. So the Sun and the Moon are squaring Saturn. Mercury rules the Midheaven and is with Mars.

The chart for the landfall of Maria in Puerto Rico has Venus, Mars, Mercury, the Ascendant, and the Sun in Virgo in the wholesign 1st. Mercury, who rules the chart, is opposing Neptune and the Sun is square Saturn.

Certain things show up in most of these charts, namely, Sun square Saturn and Jupiter opposing Uranus. The square represents loss in a classic way. The opposition is between a weather planet that represents acts of God and the planet representing humanity. The disasters happened in populated areas.
As we speak, volcano, Agung, is threatening in Bali. Jupiter oppose Uranus is perfect on the 28th of Sept. And the Moon and Pluto will be in Capricorn; Cap represents mountains above the treeline. It could blow. If not, they have already had an event in evacuating 96.000 people.

We also looked at Jupiter moving into Scorpio and how it would affect our charts.

Next month on 10/24th we will look at our charts in solar houses. I’ll be at Book and Bead doing Astrology mini readings on Saturday, Sept. 30.

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