Notes on the Election

The Election.             trump inauguration

We noted that Trump’s planets made strong aspects to the U.S. Chart. He has 3 planets in Cancer, where the U.S. Chart has 4. He has no planets in Aquarius, our Moon sign, but Aquarius is angular in his chart. His Full Moon lunation cuts across the Ascendant/Descendant in the U.S. Chart.
Despite squares between planets in Cancer and planets in Libra, he does have some strong luck in his chart with Sun with Uranus trine Jupiter, and Jupiter sextile Moon.

As the election results started to turn, 10:30 and later, his rising sign, Leo was rising in the sky. Around 10, Uranus was with the MC., surprise! And the Moon in Pisces was descending, Hillary’s Moon sign.
Mars entered Aquarius, our Moon sign, around 1:00 am. I noted to a friend that whoever would cause the most turmoil, would win. Demonstrations started the next night.

A generous colleague noted that someone who knows Someone said that Hilary was born at 8 pm., not am. The pm chart is the one we had used in the past and the Scorpiorising chart came to us later. Of course the Scorpio rising chart is like a solar chart and does make a lot of sense. In the pm chart the last degree of Gemini is rising along with Uranus. This squares the 10th house Moon that is in the last degree of the last sign, Pisces. This square sounds like the wilileaks and email scandal, Gemini versus the 10th house. Along with this, Pluto, Saturn, and Mars are in the 3rd, square Mercury in Scorpio. She is well known with Moon in the 10th and she has some luck with the Moon trine Jupiter and the Ascendant trine Uranus. Despite this luck the Leo/Scorpio square seems a lot to deal with.
The Moon was in Pisces on election night. In the past, her Pisces Moon in the 10th seemed to work for her. The Clintons won the White House and she won the Senate seat under a Pisces Moon on those election days. In the primaries, she won one and lost 3 and Trump won 3 and lost one under a Pisces Moon. It seems that something has changed in her public persona.

In the inauguration chart, Trump’s MC sign is rising and the Moon in Scorpio is descending. Since she is a woman and a Scorpio, this Moon represents her. Also , his chart seems more stimulated now with Saturn on his Moon and Jupiter on his Jupiter.

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