Trump, Uranus, & the Alpha Male

Uranus has been squaring Pluto since ’10. These planets are extreme and squares are conflicts. This aspect surely represents the political right/left conflict that we have been seeing in recent years.
Uranus will change sign on May 15, ’18 and this planetary relationship will be over. The last time Uranus changed sign, it went from water sign, Pisces to fire sign, Aries. We had the quake off of Japan, the tsunami, and the destruction of the nuclear power plant to the day. This time Uranus goes from active fire sign, Aries to calm earth sign, Taurus. So things in the world could get calmer. But just wait; let’s think about fire and earth. How many are thinking about volcanoes? Yes Kilauea is erupting. I mentioned this volcano idea in past newsletters that are on my site.
So generally, we are looking at calm with the exception of some earth events. Taurus also represents money and that should become an even stronger issue for the next 7 years.
Now to continue, the high point in President Trump’s chart is in Taurus. Uranus is going from a less important area in his chart to a more important place, namely, his public life and reputation. This sounds problematic, but let’s remember that he has lottery winning good luck. This is shown by the Sun with Uranus trine Jupiter. We, at S.T.A.R. Guild have seen this in the charts of lottery winners.
Now I just realized something recently that explains many things. Trump is an alpha male. Alpha males become so by winning contests and battles. And they continue to be challenged by those seeking to become number one. His alpha standing in his chart is shown by Mars in Leo near his Ascendant. Regulus nearby probably helps. It is the alpha star in Leo. And goes by the name, Cor Leone.
So here it is. Much of the recent conflict, in addition to the right/left conflict, appears to be a robust battle among men, and some women, to take power from the alpha male. So, in addition to politics, we have been looking at primal male behavior. And, in the animal world, the alpha male gets the females.This explains a lot.

P.S. I am not being critical of males and accept what I am noticing as part of human behavior.

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