Aug ’17 Guild Report

Aug 22nd S.T.A.R. Guild Meeting Report.

We had our Guild meeting and we were happy to see some new people and some returning members. We looked at a number of charts of members, clients, friends, and public figures and checked to see events relative to the eclipses in these charts.
We are awash in events that fit nicely with the houses in which the eclipses happened in these studied charts.

Let’s note that we had a lunar eclipse on 8/7 in Aquarius and a solar on 8/21 in fire sign, Leo near fiery Mars. We were particularly interested in events that happened to people in August although it seems acceptable to extend that a bit. Let’s also note that other planetary events are happening in the sky, especially the cardinal T square that shows conflict between leaders. And happily, Jupiter moving into Scorpio in October will diminish this and Uranus moving into Taurus in spring of ’18 will also; Saturn moving into Capricorn in 1/18 will bring additional changes.

Here is what we saw in our charts.
For the U.S. Chart we used the Gemini rising chart. The eclipsed Aquarius Moon is stronger than in the Sag rising. It is in the 9th but is also 10th due to being near the MC. So the eclipse affects 9/3 and 10/4. (In the Sag chart the houses are 3/9.)
In the U.S., police were shot and some killed. The President and Kim Jong-un were threatening each other with attacks. The deadly riot involving Nazis etc. happened in Charlottesville on the 12th and set off a firestorm of reaction.One result of this is a racial tension that demands Confederate statues be brought down. (The Leo/Aquarius axis is the axis of power. And the 4th house is involved which is our past.)

A Navy ship collided with a commercial vessel on the 21st and a day later the commander of the 7th fleet was disciplined.
In President Trump’s chart, the eclipses happened in his 7th and 1st very close to his Ascendant and natal Mars. So we knew it would be personal, relational, and Martial. We can note again the Martial dialogue with Kim Jong-un. Bannon leaves the White House and his resignation letter was submitted on the 6th or 7th. Another grand jury is brought into the Mueller investigation on the 3rd. Two white house calls with foreign leaders are leaked to the press on the 3rd. The fire and fury comment is made on the 8th. Trump and McConnel are fighting especially on the 9th. Trump’s comments on the 15th about Charlottesville cause many to respond negatively and withdraw support, for example CEO’s leave various counsels.
In the world, the Barcelona attack happens. (Spain is supposed to be a Sagittarian country. And at the time of the attack, Sag is rising near Saturn and the Moon is opposing in Gemini, the van.) The eclipses were in the wholesign 3rd and 9th of the attack chart.


As to our members and friends and the Guild: The Guild has Jupiter in Aquarius in the 1st and Leo in the 7th, so, our body or membership could be affected with growth. One member had a special project with his 6th and 12th activated by the eclipses. Another, with Aquarius rising, hired a lawyer for a relational problem. One who had Aquarius in the 4th lost her mother and is also out of a job (Uranus in Leo in 10th). A member with the eclipses in the 8th and 2nd is focused on a financial stock deal. Another member with Aquarius rising with the 8th house ruler is noting a significant lessening of annuity income. One with an Aquarian Moon in the 11th had a marvelous time at a consciousness seminar with friends. Another member with Uranus, the Moon, and Pluto in the 9th was traveling and attending new job training in July and August. And I, with Aquarius in the wholesign 10th with Mercury and opposing Pluto, Saturn, and Mars in the 4th, had an increase in business and did a lecture on the eclipse. At the lecture I noted the eclipse in the attendees’ charts using solar houses and they noted events in those areas. We were all amazed. ( P.S. The Feb 26th solar eclipse was on my Sun. A month earlier I discovered a problem that was corrected by surgery 3 months after that eclipse. At this late date, I am almost back to normal and also improved. During this last eclipse I ran into two women that need the same surgery. Everything is truly connected.)
Clients and friends called me to share events. One who has Pluto, the Sun, and Moon in Leo broke her ankle in July. Another has cancer and went in to the hospital on 8/6 and is passing. He has the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto in Leo in the 1st. Another who has the Moon in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius ruling 2/8 and 1/7 is experiencing business partner issues. And one who has Saturn, the Moon (1st ruler), Pluto, and Mercury in Leo is experiencing strange sinus and jaw problems.
I’m impressed with the power of the eclipses to bring events and the accuracy shown by their placement in houses and on planets.
So often something comes to a head that is already developing. This is a signal for us all to get our act together. And I maintain that under eclipses we should avoid risky behavior and do something special.
Next month we will play with solar houses, Jupiter moving into Scorpio, and maybe a bit of astrocartography.
Our use of the laptop and a projector is a great way to show charts.
I’ll be a Book & Bead on Sat, Sept. 16th doing Astrology mini readings.

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