The Magic of Signs and Gems

In Astrology we have a number of symbols. the most well know are the Sun, Moon, planets, and signs.

We make a very important relationship between signs and gems.The idea is that a gem and the sign related to it are part of the same energy, or vibration, or signature. This can be used in numerous ways.

If we wear a particular gem, we stimulate that sign in our horoscope. Since the horoscope represents our inner selves, we stimulate a part of our inner selves.

We may want to make a part of our selves more active. To increase power, we would wear the gem associated with our Sun sign. Or we might wear the sign containing our best planet to increase luck.

I would like to give you the gem/sign pairings held by the Church of Light. These are in general agreement with Alan Leo, who was with the Theosophical Society. And Rex Bills, in his rulership book, notes our gems along with others under the signs.

Aries – Amethyst

Taurus – Agate

Gemini – Beryl , Aquamarine

Cancer – Emerald

Leo – Ruby

Virgo – Jasper

Libra – Diamond

Scorpio – Topaz

Sagittarius – Garnet, Turquoise

Capricorn – Onyx

Aquarius – Sapphire, Black Pearl

Pisces – Peridot

You can see the sign the Moon is in and the recommended gem on facebook or my site under Moon Passages.

I have one story about this. I went fishing with a friend on a day when the Moon was in Aries. This is an adventurous sign. My friend and I both have Venus in the 20th degree of Aries. I wore an amethyst necklace for the fishing trip; amethyst is ruled by Aries. We both caught a small shark about a yard long. They fought like crazy and it was a wonderful fishing adventure. Can you see all of the Aries connecting and being stimulated. My friend was skilled enough to get the hooks our of their respective mouths and we released them.

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