Jan ’19 Newsletter

From the Desk of Leslie Marlar Jan. ’19

For those of you who are local, S.T.A.R. Guild will meet on Tuesday, Jan. 22nd at the library in Cocoa at 803 Forrest Ave. at 6 pm in room 3. We will look at Venus in our charts. I think it would be fun to pick the most important positions of Venus that would mark important social events in 2019. I’m thinking of Venus near the angles, Sun, Moon first house ruler, and itself.

Last month in the news Dec 21st and 22nd stand out. On the 21st there was an earthquake in Nicholshaze, a government shut down, the market had the worst week in 7 years, the Supreme court said immigrants who enter illegally can still claim asylum, the criminal justice reform bill passed, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized for lung cancer. On the 22nd there was a tsunami after little Krakatoa blew. On both days, drones at English airports displaced 140,000 passengers. On the 22nd there was a full moon in event bringing Cancer. Saturn is in Capricorn, so, this Moon was in opposition to Saturn.

Next month Saturn moves closer to Pluto where it will remain all year. This can be translated as difficult extremes. So let us start guarding against loss. That sounds bad, but we always have a chance to make good things happen through good choices and positive activities. For example, both Capricorn and Saturn are about goals. We might find ourselves setting new ones in effective ways. Also the sign gives us some hints about expected events. Capricorn represents the people at the top of society, the government, business, and in part, the economy. In terrain, Capricorn represents mountains. I’ll be looking for geological events when other planets tie into these planets, when Uranus changes sign in March, the time of day when Mars or Saturn are at the angles, and the tides. This is when the Moon is just past the angles whether there is water around or not; the earth still experiences the gravitational force of the Moon.
In January, the Sun and Mercury will join and Mars will square Saturn & then Pluto. This brings Saturn and Pluto events. Jupiter will continue to square Neptune and stimulate extremes in judgment. Mars will trine Jupiter and bring optimistic action in weeks 3 and 4. Mars moves toward Uranus at month’s end and brings surprises.

A New Moon Solar Eclipse on the afternoon of the 4th, the 5th, and 6th in Capricorn brings a new start in our public lives.

A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo on the 21st and 22nd turns our minds to various kinds of power. Under eclipses we should do something special but safe.

I’ll be talking about the Astrology of 2019 on January 6th at the Metaphysical Circle in the meeting room behind the Melbourne Auditorium at 7pm.

I’ll be at Book and Bead in Merritt Island doing Astrology readings on the 19th.

And on Sunday, the 27th I’ll be at Aquarian Dreams doing a workshop on the effects of the planets on our charts at 2:30 in the afternoon. Call Cheri to register at 321 729 9495 and email me to let me know that you will be there.

Fairly good days are: 1, 2, 3, 7, am 9, 14, 15, 16, 22, 24, 28, 29, 30, & 31.

Happy New Year!

Astrologer Leslie Marlar PAI ’77
Hermetician Church of Light ’93
Honors Graduate, BGS, Rollins ’90

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