July ’17 Guild Report

S.T.A.R. Guild July ’17 Meeting Report

The Guild met & we discussed the Aug. 21st solar eclipse. We discussed eclipses, & looked at the charts of the U.S., President Trump, & attending members.

Discussion: We can look at eclipses in a detailed way & a big picture way. In reference to the later, one can make a list of important life events & then look to see if eclipses correspond to these events. When I did this I noted that there were eclipses around the time of important life events hitting important parts of the chart. These parts are the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, & 1st house ruler & the areas opposite all of these. For example. The fact that there are eclipses in Aquarius and Leo, Trump’s 7th & 1st houses, may be the reason why he is president. The detailed look notes that the solar eclipse is very close to his Ascendant, which is close to his Mars and to Regulus. Transiting Mars is close by also. So we expect a Martial event for him whether good or bad or both. The fact that his Mars is well aspected & that the eclipse is forming a grand trine with Uranus and Saturn gives a little optimism. Nevertheless the sky says to him,” This eclipse is for you.” ( We did note events around the eclipse on 2/10 & the Leo New Moon on 7/23 & 7/24. The earlier eclipse brought the travel ban ban, Flynn’s resignation, & cabinet picks & confirmations.)

We looked at the Gemini rising and the Sibly U.S. charts. Both have the Moon in Aquarius in the wholesign 9th and 3rd respectively. The Sibly Moon is later and more affected by the eclipse. So I am thinking of communications, travel, law, and foreigners. Events are already cooking in all of these areas.

In the Obamacare chart, the eclipses affect Uranus in the wholesign 8th.

As to members, two have Aquarius/Leo on 1st and 7th; a relationship situation is coming to a head for one. The other, an older member, has the solar eclipse opposing her Sun. This is worrisome.

Another with Leo rising and Aquarius descending, leads us to believe that things and people like the transiting planets in and near the eclipses will come to him.

Another with a very early Venus in Virgo had a big smile on his face when we talked about love; something is already in the works for him.

A member with an Aquarian Moon is soon to go to another conference at the Monroe Institute.

Another member who has Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Aquarius, just published her grandfather’s biography.

Finally one member has Aquarius in the 4th and Leo in the 10th; she has lost her mother and she’s looking for work. And a member with Mercury in Aquarius in the wholesign 10th and a scarey group of planets in Leo in the 4th is waiting to see if a submitted Astrology piece will be published. Next month we will report on what happened and look at our charts in solar houses. www.lesliemarlar.com

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