S.T.A.R. Guild Report March ’16

S.T.A.R. Guild Report, March ’16 Meeting

We had our March meeting and are continuing to improve our use of the library AV system. Next month, it will be perfect. Thanks to all who brought in charts.

We are happy with our identity as a study group, but we have plans to spend more time on interesting and informative programs for new people. Let’s think about this.

We looked at the terrorist attacks in Brussels at the airport and at the subway station.    chart brussels air bomb

chart brussels sub bomb

Mars and Saturn are in the armed and mutable sign, Sagittarius. The chart for both events has mutable Moons and either the Ascendant or 1st house ruler mutable. The Jupiter/Saturn square is very close. In the first explosion chart we see a T square between Neptune/Venus, Jupiter/Moon, and Mars/Saturn. In the second explosion chart we have a grand cross between the Gemini Ascendant, Jupiter/Moon, Mars/Saturn, and Neptune/Venus. The Uranus/Pluto square was highlighted in the first attack with Pluto conjunct the MC. And the Lunar Eclipse in Libra happened the next day. We noted that the Moon in the attack charts is opposed the March 8th eclipse point at 19 Pisces. The conclusion is that there was plenty of violence and discord in the sky on the day of the attacks.

Additionally, Belgium has a mutable T square and a cardinal T square in their chart. And both are being stimulated by transits.

Both France and Belgium have Saturn in Sagittarius. So they are having their Saturn return.


One of our members brought in the chart for ISIS, found on Neptune Cafe. They started when Saturn was in Scorpio. And they have Neptune, Mercury and the Moon in Pisces. I see this as a viewpoint stuck in the Piscean Age. Pisces is about believing, binding, and suppressing. Uranus, Sun, Mars, and Venus are in Aries. This is energy and pioneering and makes me think of their caliphate plans.

The transiting Uranus/Pluto square is stimulating their natal Sun, Mars, and Venus. Transitting Neptune has a while before it reaches natal Mercury and Moon. Transitting Saturn is squaring the Pisces and trining the Aries.
Belgium, like ISIS has the Sun in Aries and there is a large Muslim population there.

chart demo party                chart repub party

We looked at the Democrat and the Republican Parties. The Democrats have the Sun in Taurus trine Mars in Virgo, the worker sign. Their Aquarius Moon is with Pluto, sextile Saturn in Aries, and trine Jupiter and Neptune in Libra. This is intelligent, global, social, and justice energy. Their Aquarius Moon is on the U.S. Moon, body of the people.

The Republicans have Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in business sign, Capricorn. The Scorpio Moon is sextile both bodies. The Sun in Cancer is in a grand trine with the Moon and Neptune. This is emotional and I’ll call it patriotic. The Sun is on the Sun in the U.S. Chart. The Sun is the power structure.
The Sun and Moon were twins in mythology. We have a two party system. The Sun in one connects with us and the Moon in the other connects with us.

Look at all these charts and see what you can find.

From January until October Mars is either in Scorpio or Sagittarius. Next month we will look at how Mars in Scorpio or Sagittarius affects our charts. Please bring your chart.

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