Raphael and his Horoscope

Raphael and his Horoscope    chart raphael

Raphael is part of the trinity of great Italian Renaissance painters. He is known as an ideal, balanced painter and his work is lauded for “ the sweetness of figures and gentle relation between them”.
Let’s see what the sky that he was born under says.

Raphael has Scorpio rising with the Moon conjunct the Ascendant. This shows passion and brings him into contact with Moonish and Cancerian things. He is famous for his Madonnas and for his Stanze. These Stanze are paintings on the walls and ceilings of rooms in the Vatican.
Saturn in his rising sign near the south node, brought the death of his parents at an early age and the presence of masters in to his life.

One first house ruler, Mars in Gemini in the 8th, shows many things. It represents an active mind and active hands. It is a young sign. He never reached age because he died young. Mars opposes Neptune. This brings art, genius, and the presence of ideals. It also brings Michaelangelo who had Moon, Mars, and the Sun in Pisces. His Mars is trine Jupiter, all of the main asteroid goddesses, Chiron, and Pluto, his other first house ruler. His two rulers are integrated. Aldebaran and Antares conjunct and oppose him, his Mars, within 2.5 degrees.

Pluto is conjunct Jupiter, Vesta, Juno, Pallas Athene, Ceres, and Chiron in Libra in the 12th. The Libra brings polite society, art, beauty, artists, and even architecture. Jupiter brings court, the wealthy, Popes, and the Vatican. The goddesses surely encourage his sense of beauty and his portrayal of the Madonna. He was connected.
Pluto opposes art planet, Venus in Aries which is next to an exalted Sun. Venus, the Sun, and Mercury in Aries are disposed by Mars, him, and Mercury and Mars are in Mutual reception. All three Aries bodies are trine Uranus which brings more genius.

We have accounted for every planet in the chart and have had no problem describing Raphael. Every planet in the chart is associated with the 1st house or its rulers. All the energies came to him, all the colors. The connection between his planets and his nature is elegant. According to Vasari, he died after a night of extreme sex with his mistress. He developed a fever and was killed by a bad selection of strong medicine. Here is Mars, 1st house ruler, in Gemini and the 8th oppose Neptune, showing death and a good story.

For a time Raphael worked for Pope Leo X, my favorite Pope. He established a chair for Astrology at the Vatican. When he became Pope he said, “Now that we have the Papacy, let’s enjoy it”.

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