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The Signs and Accomplished People 12 Part Series – Leo

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Leo is the 5th sign of the zodiac and is defined as fixed fire. This is the eternal flame or fixed enthusiasm. Think of your first love. Leo is one of the cherubic signs and is included with Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. These signs represent the angels that guard the ark of the covenant and the throne of God. They are strong signs. The Lion, the Bull, and the Scorpion are strong physically. The Man is strong through intellect.

Leo represents the heart of summer and calls up images of “Mid Summer’s Night Dream”. It represents the heart and all that it is associated with it, like love and, what I call, the dry emotions.

The Sun rules Leo and it shines and gives life. Like it, Leo is the center of attention because it has something to give. Leo performs. It is a dramatic but dignified sign and rules the theater and entertainment. We call our center of attention actors and actresses, stars, like the Sun. In a recent meditation on Leo, I noted that people pay money to see lions.

If you want more Leo images, picture a playful kid, a ruling king, a performer, or two young people in love.

Leo stories and myths are about, kings, royalty, kids, romance, and power. Think of King Author and don’t forget “a star is born stories”.

Have you heard of the royal stars? They are Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares, and Fomalhaut and they are in the constellations Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Gifts associated with Leo are the ability to vivify and inflame, and to have courage and control.

The sign opposite Leo is Aquarius. Leo represents one’s power, Aquarius represents the group’s power. Pairing Aquarius versus Leo we have: democracy versus the power of one, other’s power versus our power, radical change versus the status quo, and revolution versus kingdom.


Here’s what other astrologers say about Leo. Kustesky says that Leo’s action comes from emotion (heart) rather than from their intellect. Leo is large, majestic, performs, and is found of regalia, royal trappings. They love their offspring, and are creative, joyful, and happy. They like to gamble because of the possibility of winning big.

Leo places are: theaters, schools, playgrounds, parks, and places of amusement. Leos are kind and/or dominating. They crave personal glory and authority. People want to live up to Leo’s faith in them.

Allen Oken notes that Leo is fixed fire. (Remember John Kennedy’s eternal flame. Kennedy has an elevated Neptune in Leo. This is a romanticized reputation.)

Oken says Leos need divine inspiration to succeed and that they have to get beyond their own egos. He says that Leos emit light. (Ted Kennedy says that this was true of his mother, a Leo.) He notes that they are easily hurt by neglect and lack of love. And that they build a following and launch their egos into new circumstances through creative faculties. Leo is not a schemer and shows plans openly. He is dramatic and keenly aware of entrances and exits. Life is a stage and Leo is a star. Positive Leo descriptions are: self assured, warm, sincere, affectionate in love, protective, cultivated, refined, artistic, and expressive. Negative qualities are: vain, self seeking, falsely modest, lustful, hedonistic, dictatorial, extravagant, egotistical, and braggart-like.


Alan Leo notes that the heart, Leo’s symbol, is the center of character and says that Leo carries an aura that is beneficial to all. He notes that Leo can send thoughts and heal and that he needs quiet time to rest his heart. Leos live in a world of their own creation and their will is law. They achieve by persistent determination.


Evangeline Adams notes that everyone Leo meets is a potential enemy, even though they find it difficult to believe that anyone is evil. And they tend to meet out mercy rather than justice. Leo like the sun god is royal, tragic, dies, and resurrects. They see life as one and sacred.


Zipporah Dobbins says that wherever the sign Leo falls in our horoscopes is where we radiate.


Matthews says that Leos are moved by sympathy and that their personalities sparkle like the Sun. He says Leo loves to be petted and loves finery. (I bet he loves fancy feast too.)


Kiss Guide to Astrology says that Leo lives every minute to the fullest and wants to be in charge of everyone’s life. (Rose was the boss in the Kennedy family.)


Moore and Douglas note that the phrase, “I am the light of the world” is a Leo phrase. Leos redeem themselves to redeem others.


Here’s a list of famous confident people with something important in Leo: Napoleon, Mick Jagger, Madonna, Jon Benet Ramsey, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, Eviel Knievel, Picasso, Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton, and Arnold. Here’s a more detailed look at a few of these.


Mick Jagger has the Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, and Mercury, the first house ruler in Leo. That’s a lot of Leo and he’s one of music’s biggest stars. I’ve often called Pluto in Leo the Rock and Roll planet sign combination because Leo is creative and Pluto is forceful. And Mick has this combo near his Sun. Jupiter near his Sun brings him some luck. He also has the Moon in the same sign with Mars, the money sign, Taurus. He went to the London School of Economics. Moon Mars combos also cause trouble with women. He has his Ascendant in Gemini with Uranus on one side and Saturn on the other. This shows him to be inventive and realistic. Gemini is the fidget sign and he’s famous for this. (fidgeting burns up 8oo calories per day.) His Venus is in Virgo along with romantic Neptune. This is appropriate for someone who writes and sings music.

We’ve looked at one of the kings of rock, now let’s look at a queen, Madonna. Her Leo Sun makes her entertaining and confident. It’s nearness to Pluto gives her dynamism; its nearness to Uranus makes her outrageous. The Sun square Mars makes her a fighter. Her Mom died when she was 6. Madonna has the Sun, Uranus, and Venus in the 12th house, the house of sorrow. She also has Saturn square the Moon which can be the loss of the mother. And Saturn, planet of loss, in the 4th, associates it with one of the houses ruling parents. Additionally, Saturn in the 4th is her traditional, Catholic upbringing.

She has Virgo, the virgin as her rising sign, the identity place of the chart and her name is a Virgo name. Mercury near her Ascendant makes her alert and smart. Jupiter in the 2nd, the money house, gives her some. Like Mick she has a Venus Neptune connection, a square, for singing.


Martha Stewart is the personification of confidence. She’s a Leo with the Sun in a strong place, the top of the chart. She also has dynamic Pluto near the Sun adding to her power. And Pluto is one of the planets that represents her personally because it is associated with her Scorpio Ascendant. When a planet representing you is near the Sun, that makes you solar, confident. I look at this as 4 counts for confidence. The other planet that represents her, Mars, is in active Aries in the productive 6th house of work. Martha is also an insomniac. She has Mercury in Cancer in the 9th house which translates to public communication about domesticity. Uranus and Saturn in the 7th bring contacts. The Moon in the 2nd house of money puts her mind on money. Mick, Madonna, and Martha all have a Venus Neptune connection. The question is, does Martha sing?


Donald Trump is Leo rising. He has a mane and looks like a lion. Mars and Pluto are on either side of the Ascendant in the rising sign. This is important because they represent the 4th house, the house of real estate and the father. His father started him out and now he owns just about everything. The presence of Mercury, Venus, and Saturn in the real estate sign, Cancer, adds to this activity. Mars and Leo are confident, daring, and fiery and he’s famous for saying, “You’re fired”. His intelligence is associated in part with Uranus near the Sun (him) in Mercury’s sign, Gemini. His Full Moon in Sagittarius adds to his tendency to communicate and the Full Moon, Sun oppose Moon, brings many important events. Nothing is in the whole sign financial second house but Taurus, the money sign, is the most elevated sign in the chart. 

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