Aug ’15 S.T.A.R. Guild Report

Aug 25th S.T.A.R. Guild Meeting Report   chart warren buffet

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We had our meeting and were happy to have three participating visitors from Orlando. We looked at the charts of 7 very rich people. The wholesign house system was used. I invite you to use your favorite system and note if that system performs better. Please let us know.

My approach was to note how the person made their money and them see how the chart supported that. Of course we were interested in Jupiter, Venus, Pluto, the 2nd house, the 8th, the 10th, the first, and the part of fortune. Later I thought to note a luck factor.

Warren Buffet studied finance and made his money at finance. His Ascendant is 25 Sag and he has Saturn at 5 Capricorn in the second. He has Mars at 1 Cancer in the 8th opposing his Ascendant. So, his chart shows money and money matters coming to him. His 8th is also disposed by the Moon which is in the 1st, showing others’ money coming to him. He has Jupiter in the 8th near Pluto, making wealth more extreme. He has 8 cardinal points or planets, including Mercury and Venus, which are near the MC and respectively sextile the Moon and Ascendant. His luck factor is the Sun with Neptune in Virgo in the 10 trine Saturn in Cap in the 2nd. Others in the group noted his Part of Fortune square the Ascendant and his Jupiter oppose Saturn.

Bill Gates made his money in computer software. He had an unusual opportunity in the 8th grade. His junior high created a computer club and installed a time sharing terminal connected to a mainframe in downtown Seattle. This gave Gates an opportunity to program and he was addicted to it. Uranus at 2 Leo is in conjunction with his Ascendant at 27 degrees Cancer. He has Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto in the 2nd. His Moon, him, is elevated in Aries and is next to the MC and trine Uranus in the 2nd. That’s his luck factor. Mars opposing the Moon (him) brings people to him and as ruler of the 10th, Mars brings more fame. Others noted Venus with Saturn in Scorpio, Sun square Uranus, and 6 cardinal points or planets.
Steven King made his money writing about the scary supernatural. This is Mercury conjunct Neptune. These two are sextile the Moon, his ruler, and sextile Pluto and Saturn in the 2nd house. Relating to this, is a grand trine involving the MC, the Moon, and Pluto and Saturn. This looks like a kite. The Part of Fortune is next to Mercury and also part of this. Another factor is Mars, ruler of the 10th conjunct the Ascendant and trine Jupiter in Scorpio. Here is fame coming to him and wealth from horror. Others noted his Saturn square Jupiter and Sun with Venus.
Mitt Romney had a bit of a start with his noted family and went on to do well in business. His first house ruler, Mercury is elevated in Pisces in the 10th. His Sun is in the 10th and trine Jupiter and the Moon. They are in close opposition with the Ascendant. His MC is with Fortuna and Venus, oppose Saturn and Pluto, and in a grand trine with the Ascendant and Neptune. Here’s another kite and a luck factor. The ruler of his MC, Uranus, is in his 1st and shows fame coming to him. Note that the ruler of his 1st is in his 10th and the ruler of his 10th is in his first. Others noted his Saturn trine Jupiter.

Martha Stewart has an abundance of confidence. She has her 1st house ruler, Pluto, in Leo in the 10th next to the Sun in Leo. Her Pluto is also conjunct Mercury in Cancer in the 9th. Here is the student and teacher of the domestic arts. Mercury is disposed by the Moon in Sagittarius in the 2nd house. The Sun and MC are trine Mars (her) in the 6th and the MC is trine the Moon in the 2nd. Here is her luck factor. Jupiter in her 8th is sextile the Sun and Mars which are trine, another luck factor. Uranus and Saturn in the 7th bring people to her.

Oprah Winfrey has made her money through communicating. She has the Moon and the Ascendant in Sagittarius and Jupiter, her ruler, is in Gemini. She also has Pluto in the 9th and Venus, Sun, and Mercury in Aquarius in the 3rd. Her MC is disposed by Venus in the 3rd. She has the luck factor of the MC trine the Sun and Mercury and trine Jupiter. Financially, the Moon rules her 8th and it is in her 1st. Others noted that Fortuna is with her MC and she has the Sun with Venus.
Donald Trump has made his money in real estate and got his start from his father. Both rulers of his 4th house, Mars and Pluto, are in his 1st in Leo. Please note the lion’s mane. Trump has the Sun, first house ruler, in Gemini with Uranus and oppose the Moon in Sag. These two are trine and sextile Jupiter in Libra in the 3rd. Here’s a luck factor. Mercury his 2nd house ruler is disposed by the Moon, which is disposed by Jupiter in the 3rd. In the Art of the Deal, Trump supplies 11 rules for business success. The first 3 are: think big, get the word out, and contain costs. In his chart these correspond to Jupiter in the 3rd house, the Moon in Sagittarius, and Venus with Saturn. Others noted that he has Saturn square Jupiter.

Conclusion. All of our charts had a conjunction of a planet to the Sun. (Sometimes it was out of sign.) 6 Charts out of 7 had active Mars very personally involved in the chart. Trump has Mars conjunct the Ascendant. Stewart has Mars in Aries as her 1st house ruler. Buffet has Mars opposing his Ascendant. Gates has Mars oppose his Moon, 1st house ruler. King has Mars on the Ascendant. Romney has Mars in conjunction with his Mercury, 1st house ruler. We may have 7 our of 7. Oprah has Mars within 11 degrees of her Moon that is in the 1st. 6 of the 7 had a conjunction to Venus. 5 of the 7 had a conjunction to Pluto. Trump did not have this but he had Pluto in the 1st house. 5 of the 7 have a trine involving Jupiter. In Stewart’s case , she has Sun trine Mars and Jupiter is sextile to both. 5 of the 7 had a Jupiter/Saturn major aspect. 5 of the 7 had a planet conjunct the MC. 6 or the 7 had a planet or angle on the nodal axis. The number of planets or points in cardinal signs varied. Here are the numbers: Romney 1, Stewart 2, Oprah 2, Trump 5, King 6, Gates 6, and Buffet 8. All had a planet in the 1st or 7th or in a close conjunction or opposition with the Ascendant or Descendant. All of our charts had a luck factor. These factors were each different but all involved trines between some of the important factors in the chart like luminaries, Jupiter, the 1st house ruler or planets, the 2nd house ruler or planets, houses or planets that represent their area of success, and the MC or 10 house planets. Once again a simple cook book approach does not appear to work. But when we know the area of success, we see the logic of the placements and connections in the chart. So, if a client wants to know if wealth is in their future, see if they are motivated and active. Note what the planets in their chart show coming to them, that is, see what is coming from planets to the first house and its rulers. See if these things excite them. Look to see if they have the factors that most of our group had. Then look for luck factors that connect important factors.

This is a small sample, but it was appropriate for a 2 hour meeting. It produced results.

Next month, we’ll look at our own charts and search for wealth factors.

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