Nov. ’19 Newsletter

From the Desk of Leslie Marlar, Nov. ’19
For those of you who are local, S.T.A.R. Guild meets on Nov. 26, Tuesday, at the Cocoa library at 6 pm in room 3. We will look at how the planets affect our members and the world in 2020. In Dec. we will have our Christmas party. If you know us, you are welcome.

In Oct. we looked at Supreme Court Justices. We have birth times on only 3 members. For the rest we have used solar house charts.
The Justices had: strong charts; planets in Aquarius; planets in Cancer; strong Jupiters, Saturns, and Mercurys; all but 1 had an opposition in their charts. Aquarius and Cancer are important because these signs are important in the U.S chart. The opposition is important because looking at two opposing sides is part of judging. Their Mercurys were heavily aspected. 7 of the Justices have a conjunction of a planet to Mercury. I noted many aspects between Mercury and Uranus. These are aspects of mental brilliance. 4 had major aspects between these two. One had them in mutual reception. Another had then inconjunct. Two had Mercury and Uranus out of conjunction orb but in the same sign. And one had a cardinal square with a 14 degree orb.

In October we had events. The impeachment inquiry, the Syrian pullout, the killing of al-Baghdadi, Durham going criminal, and intensified Brexit events seemed prominent. In Oct, Mars was in Libra moving to square Saturn and Pluto. Libra is a sign that is legal, warring, and political. And the planets involved are all difficult.

Mars stays in Libra until the 19th of Nov. It’s aspects with Saturn and Pluto are peaking in late Oct. and early Nov. Note that the Durham investigation became criminal with Mars and the Sun in Libra.
Also Mercury is in Scorpio from Oct until week 2 of Dec. If you note that Scorpio is the Scorpion and Mercury is speech, this gives us a time frame for stinging speech.
Jupiter is in Sagittarius until Dec. 2. So we have one last month of Jupiter in its own sign, Sagittarius, where it is strong. When it goes into Capricorn it weakens but joins Saturn and Pluto and these 3 become a major feature of the sky and in our lives. Part of the interpretation is that something good is coming to a problem.
I’ll be at Book & Bead on the 16th of Nov. doing astrology readings.
On Dec. 1st I’ll be talking about the Astrology of 2020 at the Spiritualist Church in Melbourne. You may want to see my sun sign column on my site.

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