Dec ’14 Newsletter

For those of you who are local, S.T.A.R. Guild will have our Christmas party on Wed., Dec 10th at 6pm. For details call or email me. The S.T.A.R. Guild report for the Nov. meeting is on my site. We looked at the shift of Saturn from Scorpio to Sagittarius. There is a litany of chronic problems that developed under the Scorpio position and wondering about what is to come. Saturn will go into Sag on Dec 23rd and stay there for 3 years. This will affect Sag, Pisces, Gemini, and Virgo. These natives should build self esteem, set sensible goals, work, rest, and create happiness. This will utilize the Saturn energies and where necessary, counter them.

The election was a big event. A chart set up for the opening of the polls in D.C. showed Jupiter at the top of the chart. Jupiter represents elephants and republicans. Saturn, donkeys and democrats, was on the eastern horizon. This is a much lower position in the sky. In this type of chart height means winning. In 2016, Jupiter is a bit higher than Saturn. Another big event last month was the reading of the verdict in Ferguson and the accompanying violence. On Monday, Nov. 24th the Moon went into Capricorn at 10:31 am CT. A little after 8 pm CT, when the verdict was read, the Moon was approaching extreme Pluto, the group planet, and troublesome Mars. AND the Ascendant was opposite Mars. This is a good correspondence for a martial reaction of a group. I don’t look at it as a cause but as a reflection, “as above, so below”. Those of us who are in Astrology, stay in it because we see these proper correspondences between sky symbols and events.

Jupiter continues to be in Leo and square Saturn. We expect Jupiter to do good for us but the square is interfering. And Mars joins this relationship in Dec and thwarts us. Let’s be smart and practical in our plans. Saturn was prominent in Nov. in one way and still prominent in another way in Dec. In Nov. fast moving bodies came to it and we met reality. In Dec. a conflict is in effect and affecting us.

In Dec. Full Moon on the 5th and 6th in Gemini focuses on thought, opinion, communication, and travel. New Moon in Capricorn later on the 21st, the 22nd, and 23rd gives us an opportunity to make a new start in our public images.

I’ll be talking about the Astrology of 2015 at Aquarian Dreams on the 17th of Jan. at 11am. Call Cheri to register and call me with your birth data. Your chart will be a part of the class.

Call me if you need me. And see “Following the Moon” and Sun Signs on my site. Remember, horoscopes make nice Christmas, birthday, and new year’s gifts.

Merry Christmas!

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