S.T.A.R. Guild Apr ’18 Meeting Report

S.T.A.R. Guild April ’18 Meeting Report www.lesliemarlar.com

We had our April meeting and looked at Mercury in our charts. The object was to see if it was operating the way we thought it would.

Our first studied member had Mercury in Libra in the 4th with the Sun. She is an elementary school teacher. She preferred the younger kids and had a homey class with them. She has Venus, the Sun, Mercury, & the node in Libra and has had 4 husbands.

Our second had a 4th house Mercury in Cancer with Venus. The only money she herself made was in real estate. She still looks at houses as real estate. And she is fairly quiet for a Gemini. She has an Aquarius Moon and is a long time student of Astrology and metaphysics.

Member 3 has Mercury in Scorpio oppose the Moon and with Venus in the placidus 9 or the wholesign 10. She is passionate about seeking the spiritual. And she worked for many years in the space program. In a wholesign, Mercury & Venus are in the 10th and a Libra Sun oppose Mars is in the 9th. Her Mars is in Aries & her Pluto is in Leo. I’m seeing passion and drive in a number of areas.

A lovely attending visitor also had Mercury in Scorpio with Jupiter, Venus, and Pluto in the 8th. I asked her if she had seen the Dexter series and she said that she had the whole thing recorded. I recommended True Detective. She has many interests and she travels. She was taking notes. Her Mars is in Sagittarius in the 9th and her Pluto is in Scorpio. She sounds like an intense seeker.

Member 5 has Mercury in Sagittarius with Venus in the 6th. She said “everything to her is art”. She is a seeker, a psychic, a pagan, a musician, a sculptor, and has worked at Disney in Adventureland. She’s worked in other venues as well. Her Jupiter is in Taurus; there’s the art and love of nature.

Member 6 has a Sagittarius Mercury along with the Sun in the 12th. She does research for the legal community and has Mars, the Moon, Saturn, Venus, and Neptune in Libra in the placidus 9th or the wholesign 10th. With her MC in Libra, the house may be a moot point. She has not studied law but works in a legal setting. Her Jupiter is in Aries and she is self employed.

Member 7 has Mercury in Aquarius in the wholesign 10th opposing Pluto, Saturn, and Mars in Leo, trine Uranus. She’s a practicing, researching, and writing astrologer and has a home based business. Yes it’s me.

Please note that bringing in dispositors of Mercury is part of the analysis and is really important.

Next month on the 22nd of May, we will look at The Part of Fortune and contrast it with Jupiter. We will also anticipate what Uranus in Taurus will mean for each of us. And we will see some topical charts and tutor our new member who is taking astrology classes.
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Astrologer Leslie Marlar PAI ’77
Hermetician Church of Light ’93
Honors Graduate, BGS, Rollins ’90

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