May ’16 Newsletter

From the Desk of Leslie Marlar, May ’16
For those of you who are local, S.T.A.R. Guild Astrology study group meets on Tuesday, May 24th at the library in Cocoa at 308 Forrest Ave. at 6pm. The topic will be an astrological look at UFO’s. I must tell you that as a Pisces and as a kid who loved Disney’s Fantasyland, UFO’s are my fav topic.

This past month we looked at Mars in our charts and found that the events that we have been having match the activity of Mars in our charts.

In April we saw a number of earthquakes around mid-month. The Sun was near Uranus, the surprise planet. And Mars is still in Sagittarius with Saturn; these planets bring trouble. On the positive side, they represent hard work and action. The presence of Mars very close to the star, Antares, the heart of the Scorpion, also spells trouble. But these three have been beautiful to see in the early morning hours. I’ve seen them at 1am, 4:40 and 5:40. If you want to see them, get out of bed, look southish and see Scorpio. It looks like an anchor. The brightest star is Antares. Mars and Saturn are nearby. I would look right away, it will change with time. We lost Prince last month. He is a Gemini with Saturn in Sagittarius opposing his Sun. So the current position of Saturn in Sagittarius is on his birth Saturn and opposing his Sun. He was getting a double hit from Saturn and Mars is part of the mix too.
These two have been aspecting Trump; he has had good and bad under this.
10 inches of rain fell in Houston with the Moon in Virgo connecting with the Jupiter Saturn square. This also relates to Prince since Jupiter represents prescription meds. Finally, the capsized boat of two Florida boys was found 9 months after they were lost. The day the boys went to sea the Moon was Scorpio moving to join Saturn. There was a storm, loss and death all shown by these symbols.

Next month Jupiter and Saturn remain square. This can bring weather and many other problematic things. Our best defense is to exercise good judgment in all areas. They connect with Neptune which adds an extreme facet. Mars is still in Sag with Saturn but moving away from him, so that is an improvement.
New Moon in Taurus from mid-day on the 5th to mid-day on the 7th gives us a new start in our relationship to beauty, money, and enjoying the niceties of life. Full Moon in Sag from mid-afternoon on the 21st through the 23rd focuses on the communication of fact versus opinion. Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd, so let’s focus.
Thank you to all who came to my Astrology class on “Staying Young” at Aquarian Dreams. I’m feeling younger. Good days: am3, pm5, 6, am7, pm 15, am16, 23, & 30.
My next event is Astrology mini readings at Book & Bead on May 8th. But you can call anytime.
You may want to see my Sun Sign column, my 12 Part Sign Series, and “Following the Moon” on my site. And see Doug’s new paintings on my site. Friend me on face book.

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