Feb ’17 S.T.A.R. Guild Report

S.T.A.R. Guild Feb ’17 Report

chart john kie jj                   chart john car jj

S.T.A.R. Guild met on Feb. 28th and continued to look at the charts of family members of our group. I felt the need to show an awful family and a tragic family. We’ll show an awful family at a later point; we did look at Jack, Jackie, Caroline, and John John for our tragic family. We love the tri-wheel format, and if you use whole sign houses, the aspects jump right out at you.
If you take a look at both included tri-wheels, you’ll see 3 mutable Suns of the four charts. In that group there are two mutable Saturns, a mutable Mars, a mutable Moon, two mutable Ascendants, and Jack’s Venus, 1st and 8th house ruler. That looks like difficulty that has an important effect.

In the Cardinal group of signs we have two Saturns, a Mars, two Plutos, a Moon, an Ascendant, and Caroline’s Jupiter, her 1st house ruler. One Pluto is Jackie’s 1st house ruler. Again we have a mixture of difficulty and key places in the horoscopes.

In the fixed group we have Jack’s spring sign, Taurus planets in the 8th squaring Uranus. This is his early death. We see Jackie’s Sun and Ascendant, the Moon and Uranus for both children, Caroline’s Mars; and John John has Mercury, his first house ruler, in Scorpio. This fixed group looks particularly violent.

All three modes show at least one malefic affecting important places in the charts of each family member.
We also noted that Caroline and John Jr. have birthdays near the assassination date and they both have the Sun square Pluto. Each birthday is close to the anniversary of the death of their father. This is practically Shakespearean.

Next month on March 28th, we will give some attention to a newer member and her studies. We will also focus on members’ charts as time permits.

I’ll be at a local metaphysical group at the Wellness Center in Melbourne on March 12th. I think I’ll focus on the cardinal T square and how that affects the members.

Look for me at Book and Bead on 3/18 for Astrology mini readings.

Feel free to call or email for a variety of astrological readings.

I’m published for the second time in the American Federation of Astrologers Journal. Don’t tell them, I’m thinking of sending in my piece on recent Spacex launches.

I am going to the big city and having an Astrology meet up in beautiful Winter Park at my place on 3/16/17 at 7 pm. Email me for directions.

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